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    Solo Sarge Wimbledon

    Hey all,

    Just came home from my first solo sarge in Wimbledon, UK. I decided a about a week ago that I wanted to get this whole thing handled after dabbling in and out of PUA techniques and learnings before sinking back into my comfort zone. In my case that mean't getting drunk on every night out and making fool hardy approaches with little to no success.

    So tonight I went into town sober and petrified. Made 3 approaches. 2 of which were outside bars to groups of girls, didn't pre-script many stacks, just went in with a opener asking for directions and then turned it into "so where's the party at tonight guys?" to which I got some of the less attractive friends tp laugh and respond but it fizzled out and they all left to move into the club.

    My other approach worth noting was in a small bar where I approach two cougars 30+ and went in with the "guys, can I ask a quick question, who lies more men or women". Anyway had good conversation but didn't really make an attempt to close.

    For me tonight was about getting out of my comfort zone and just making approaches sober in a club scene. It was strange being around people who were wasted when I was completely sober......worrying.

    Didn't realize how hard it was going to be sober, felt so unorthodox and weird.

    So yea, feeling pretty proud despite only few approaches. I'm out tomorrow sarging again with 3 wingmen all PUA practitioners.

    Will let you know how it goes!

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    Solo Sarge Wimbledon

    Damn bro sounds good. I have big time problems opening when I'm sober also. Keep on reporting and good luck.

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    Solo Sarge Wimbledon

    Joules, Lorenzo, Axwell, and Chase Sarge Portsmouth, UK

    Cheers Holeyears I appreciate the support. It's not an easy thing but I can already see how much more effective you can be sober when your competition is drunk, insecure men.

    Sarged in Portsmouth - Fleet, V Bar, and than Liquid.

    3 of us weren't drinking during the night. We'd been drinking in the day and celebrating the Royal Wedding but had cooled off a couple of hours before to ensure we were sober for the sarge.

    I'm not afraid to admit that once again very challenging, not quite as difficult as when I went out solo the night before in Wimbledon but still felt so odd doing it completely sober. However I had a few realizations:

    -If your confident and practiced, your sober game is so much tighter than when your drunk
    -Your standards remain high as your not drunk and horny and chasing 4s and 5s (in my case) therefore I only approached mostly attractive women who I'd actually consider dating.
    -Also I realized that when I'm drunk and approaching less attractive women to satisfy my male urges, I'm actually demonstrating lower value as hotter women are watching me do this.

    Axwell and Chase are a little more confident in the club scene and had no problem fitting in and relaxing. Myself and Joules on the other hand did feel intimidated at times and this triggered a lot of anxiety.

    I made about 10 approaches after agreeing with Joules that we need to conquer AA and just start approaching and saying anything. Funnily enough, because I wasn't drunk, when I did do approaches the girls responded well for the most part and it was painless. I felt a rush and then if I left it too long before the next approach the fear really started sinking in again. Momentum is key.

    Me and Joules have one more sarge this weekend with a University reunion tomorrow followed by a night out. I certainly feel a lot more confident and we've both prepared stacks to use.

    I'll let you know how it goes!

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