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    not getting it up

    sup guys.

    Ive been seeing this girl for about a month now. the second date we had
    sex. She had to give me a blow job just to get me hard, and i had to put
    it in pretty quick. the second time we were about to go at it i couldnt get
    it up at all. the third time was good sex and all, but she still had to blow
    me to get it up, and like, when we change positions, it has to be fast or
    i'll lose the hard on.

    im 19 years old lol. wtf. Im a little too young for this. I was on naproxen
    (an anti inflammatory) for about 4 months, and altho i highly doubt it has
    anything to do with getting an erection, i told her this is the reason its been
    like this, and she's understanding, etc. no problem there.

    but for god sakes i just want a raging boner haha. aside from any
    embarassment of this situation, i honestly just want to have sex with her
    cuz it's fun! and this seems to be the obstacle. Im doubting it's psychological
    either because for like the past month or two, i've felt NO NEED to masturbate
    and even when i do force myself to masturbate, the erection will easily
    go soft.

    should i go see a doctor? thats what im on the virge of at this point. ive
    tried eating a bunch of foods that articles on the internet claim boost libido
    (watermelon, pomegranate, nuts, etc) to no avail really.

    any help?

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    not getting it up

    I would reccomend Reading The Sex God Method. Not only is it a great book, but it discusses issues with "getting it up"

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    not getting it up

    Yes, see a doctor.

    For the time being: Viagra.

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    not getting it up

    You seem extremely too young to be having this problem. A buddy of mine once had this problem with a girl. Even though she was hot, he thought she was a complete idiot and that was the cause of his problem. Perhaps, you're not into this chick really and it's affecting you this way.

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    not getting it up

    Do you bikes? Either mountain bikes or motorcyles? The crotch rocket kind? Those have been known to cause that because you're basically sitting on your nuts for an extended period of time.

    The fact that you say you can't stay hard even if you're masturbating is a concern to me. I would probably go see a doctor.

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    not getting it up

    Besides, going to a doctor is nothing to be ashamed about, I mean we all got one (as far as I know :P, god lets hope I'm well informed.) I would advise you to see another doctor then your regular one though, as an appointment with the doctor you go to when you got a flue would be kind of awkward. Its ok, but the next 10 times you see eachother will be influced by a ''I touched your penis'' background flutter which is fairly uncomfortable.


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    not getting it up

    alright will do. the only reason ive been putting off seeing a doctor really
    is because im a poor college student for the time being but oh well.

    and no, i dont ride bikes and im pretty sure i dont sit on my balls for extended
    periods of time haha.

    So just out of curiosity, besides prescribing Viagra, what else can a doc do
    to treat something like this? like is there a cure for this sorta thing

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    not getting it up

    The question that arises in my complex mind is...are you actually fucking this girl because you think she is HOT and you are sexually attracted to her??

    Or...because "you simply can" and just want to stroke you own ego by actually having sex??

    Think about it...

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    not getting it up

    I wish that was the issue lol but it's not. I mean, if i can barely keep it up
    when masturbating (aside from the fact that i have little to no sex drive right
    now) then i, beginning to think this is more of a physical problem than
    psychological, and on that note i should probably call and make a doctor
    appointment right now lol.

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    not getting it up

    Are you on any medication? If you are, perhaps you're suffering from a side effect.

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