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    The Game

    Hey guys ive been going in and out of pua but ive finally got the balls and started getting some number closes and got 1 lay. Well i went into MPUA nad chatted with some dudes and they said that the mystery method is very much over rated and that the game had basis in truth but mostly a lies Id just like to know if this is just trolling or if they were actually basing themselves off something. I know its a newbie question but I am new,with much respect from PR peace

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    The Game

    All schools or ways of doing it are generally all the same when you get down to it. As much as I don't like him, Sinn talks about a lot of that stuff. Just find one that works for you and go for it. If you're getting results that you want, who's to tell you that you're doing it wrong?

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    The Game

    I have a similiar background. I discovered Ross Jefferies and Speed Seduction about 5 years ago and then shortly after found the Mystery Method. I thought the two complimented each other very well. As time passed, I got into a LTR and out of the Game. I picked up a lot of my old AFC qualities and broke up with my GF after she used me like a $2 hooker.

    I have always looked around at other styles that are out there - Speed Seduction, Mystery Method, Stylelife, Love Systems, etc. etc. etc. Quite frankly, almost every single system out there is based on The Mystery Method/Venusian Arts. Mystery, IMHO, is quite literally a genius.

    Recently, as I seperated with my GF, I started to work my way back into the Game. It was when I watched both seasons of The Pick Up Artist (just a few weeks ago) that the light went on. I have since cast off all other PUA options/methods and am now focusing strictly on mastering MM/VA.

    One thing Matador said in Season 1 Episode 1 that hit me like a piano dropped out of an airplane was "The only thing difference between me and you is I follow a formula." In my shopping around, there is no better formula than the MM/VA. It is like swimming. Swimming is a very easy skill to learn, but how great a swimmer you become depends on how hard you push yourself and how far out of your comfort zone you are willing to go.

    I agree, you have to find your own path, method, style, etc. In this Game, the only thing that matters is results - i.e. living the kind of life you envision for yourself. Bret's advice is on the money.

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    The Game

    thanx dudes

    thanx guys from puerto rico and everything is translated to spanish when i do pu, but I started our really with rules of the game and it missed out so much especially kino which it doesn't even mention and the basic m3 model I hear revelation is the best thing around so I guess ill get it and use it, but another thing in my mind is when these pua tecniques get to most women out there wont it be affected in a bad way lol

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    The Game

    Ross Jefferies spoke of a student who was having very little success with women. Ross told the student that the student envisions PU as something he does "to" a woman instead of something he does "with" a woman. The difference in that thought process is profound.

    No matter what style you choose, true seduction (even for one night) should be a mutual experience. You should BOTH enjoy the experience. It is called "The Game" for a reason - games are FUN, enjoyable, intriguing, all-inclusive, and in this game EVERYBODY should come out a winner!

    Do not worry about how to translate particular words, phrases, or gambits into Spanish. Instead focus on learning the M3 Model, the objectives you need to reach in each phase, and ways to use Spanish to reach those objectives. For example: instead of trying to translate "Who lies more men or women?" Understand the idea of a Question Opener and make your own. I got my 2nd opener from a DJ on the radio.

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