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    Should lack of a job and vehicle affect the PUA?

    I'm asking because I unfortunately fall into this demographic. I'm 21 years young, and currently jobless and without a car , so that tends to affect the amount of time I dedicate towards sarging and socializing. Unfortunately, I don't go out as much as I'd like, and the only location I visit more than once a week other than my house are the gym and school.

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    Should lack of a job and vehicle affect the PUA?

    I'm 20 years old and have a car, but no job. I live at home and my mom buys everything for me (even clothes). Technically, I have low Survival value, but when I go out I always display my attractive qualities. Focus on your good qualities and really deliver with those.

    Ex. Mine are ambition (beginning college this year, good DHV stories there), protector of loved ones (I love my mom), leader of men (my friends always ask me for advice on women, I love social psychology and game!), I'm physically fit ( 6' 2" 190 8% body fat, my mom also pays for my gym membership) and I'm extremely social (Thank you Venusian Arts!).

    Find your attractive qualities and implement them in your game structure. If you have no attractive qualities, find out what attracts women and build those qualities! There is PLENTY of information about attraction here on the forum.

    Try to harness your time by only doing things that matter. Don't get bogged down by deficient beliefs. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep trying. You are, in a historical perspective, the product of millions of years of survival and replication. Our ancestors were alphas, that's why we're here today. So go out and sarge the world!

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    Should lack of a job and vehicle affect the PUA?

    Love your attitude man! I can hear Mystery's voice as I read it, lol. I definitely exhibit my attractive qualities as much as I can. I started going to the gym recently and have been developing in muscle. I'm still a bit underweight though. I'm 5'8 and about 129 lbs. Sometimes it's distracting going to the gym and seeing so many attractive girls in tight clothes. Almost makes me want to go sarging there, but it's difficult stuff, haha. Most of my sarging gets done in school, and I'd like to improve my methods with that as much as possible. Too little results with too much effort and time put into it, y'know.

    Good luck with your freshman year of college and how's it feel after high school?

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