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    Vegas Bootcamp February 2011

    There is one word that could be used to describe the first bootcamp of the year in Vegas and that is without a doubt PASSION. That is precisely what Mystery and Discovery showed, exuded and ultimately transmitted all the weekend through their teachings; being pretty sure -both of them- that every topic/stage of the seminar was understandable to every single attendant. It's amazing how everything you think you know by reading the books and watching the videos perfectly fits and makes sense by being able to hear them live and watching them do the demonstrations experiencing it firsthand.

    Simply put it like this: It's not the same hearing/watching a concert in the TV than ACTUALLY being there.

    They are great human beings who are passionate, commited and love what they do; and that can be felt. It is exciting to be training, having a great time and acquiring knowledge from the guys you really admire and to put that in work.

    If you are interested and have the opportunity into attending a bootcamp, I really encourage you take it, look no further, don't hesitate and great news is that Mystery is back teaching at regular bootcamps!!.

    And I can say that the next level in this Pickup / Venusian Artist journey is achieved after taking a bootcamp with them.

    I have always like to do this analogy when talking about the pickup arts & science with people: Mystery is what Michael Jackson is to the Music: A revolutionary...that big, that great.

    PASSION, COMMITMENT AND HAVING FUN is what is all about in this jouney

    As a final note, i would like to share a MEMORABLE moment OF THE BOOTCAMP : When my dad presented to the audience himself as Mystery, a prank they played together; something funny, something totally unexpected , something i will never forget.

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    Vegas Bootcamp February 2011


    Colgate and Mystery

    The boot camp was very nice have a lot to know it was very good I have my dream come true and made mystery. And I will once I get the money got from my Visa card, the boot camp I have to pay waiting for the money because my brother wrong on a number to me sent to Las Vegas I have been since 3 am for days with no money until the Monday back in Germany I get money first next Monday by the bank here in Germany I send it continued on next week spätestens.Es was Adorable and I will often at boot camp I attend will be a real pick up artist.


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    Vegas Bootcamp February 2011

    Bootcamp Vegas February

    The venusian artist bootcamp is a life changing experience.
    It is the fastest way to master the game. I used to learn the game by reading books and watching DVDs. But there is a big difference between learning the game by oneself and learning it from Master PUAs and Gurus. You learn more from them for instance, they can give you feedback so that you can correct your mistakes. Books and DVDs help support what you've learned from MPUAs.
    From the BC, I learn a lot, it actually helps me step up my game to the next level. For instance, the secret behind the delivery of the opener and the Story telling. It also helps me reshape my perception of the game. Before I used to see the game as only a getting laid adventure, but now I see it as a social skill set building journey.
    I was impressed buy Discovery clothing style and Mystery's delivery.
    Each trainer was unique with different style, and this was a good match. From Mystery I learned more about the structure of the pickup phase and Discovery taught me the subtleties that make reinforce this pickup phase.
    Since then, I always approach, I'm carefree, I'm outcome independent. I'm now trying to be the like the flame and the ghost.

    Enjoy your sarge


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    Vegas Bootcamp February 2011

    Vegas Bootcamp 2011 Review

    Invaluable experience, top notch program, great field experience, awesome new friendships made, passionate staff.

    I really didn't know what to expect at a bootcamp, I had never been to one and I was nearly reluctant to sign up for this one. However, just knowing that it would be run by the Master, Mystery, it really was a no-brainer.

    There was literally no down time (except, of course, the little sleep I got) during the whole experience. We were either in lecture (feverishly taking copious notes on routines and theory), engaging in some form of role-playing, or In-Field. We lived and breathed the Game for 36 hours.

    My two-nights IN-FIELD were amazing. After the first night, I challenged my AA and approached and opened at least a dozen sets. I kiss closed on one. Each coach spent tons of time debriefing with us after each approach, fine-tuning our game and giving us insight on things we could have done. At the end of the experience, I knew exactly what my sticking points were in addition to knowing what parts of the game I had mastered.

    Overall the experience was unforgettable. EVERYONE supported EVERYONE. Every mPUA coaching or leading a session was approachable and took care to listen to each of our questions and needs. The team at Venusian Arts are passionate individuals who care deeply about teaching this art. Case in point, I randomly ran into Mystery and Colgate at the Bellagio Sunday night after the bootcamp: These guys, even though I hadn't signed up for one-on-ones, offered some advice while I was running my game that night! Amazing!

    It was a fantastic experience, many things learned, many memories created and yes, I'd do it again.

    Happy Sargin'

    "Seek out beauty and FACE it...Interface with the Universe." - Mystery (VA Bootcamp Vegas 2011)

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