Hey everyone, I'm Psyche. Only 17 years old and new here, you can check out my post in the Intros board if you'd like for a little info on me.

I can't offer you any crazy advice here, this is just a story from about 6 months ago before I had ever read any PUA material, but it played out just the way the Mystery Method predicted!

So I was with a friend of mine -- Actually it was a friend I had never hung out with outside of school. Anyway, he picked me up in his car, and we drove around with no plans or idea of what to do. I picked up his cell, and starting looking through the contacts for more interesting people to invite to hang out with us. I find a random number of some unknown girl in there that he later says he had never even seen in his life (Who knows WHERE the number came from, and honestly who cares). I call the girl up, and try to find out who she is without saying who we are. She is with a friend. 2 guys, 2 girls. Things are getting good. I admit to who I am and give the girls my facebook. They think I'm hot. Bingo. We tell them we'll chill with them, and drive to where they say to meet us (A few towns down). We see the girls outside of our car where we were to meet them. One of them turns and we see her face. My friend goes "She's hot." The other turns (Girl M), "SHE'S HOT!!" he says. They feel that the whole thing is shady (Yea, no shit) and are hesitant to get in the car. I step out and talk to them and say we can get in together. They go in with me. I decide to be modest and target girl C (the hot, but not HOT girl -- her tits were huge by the way) since I figure its more likely to "happen". Girl M was legitimately loud. Her loud girly voice and complaints were pissing me off. I continually negged her (without realizing what a neg even was at the time) by asking my friend if we could ditch her in a parking lot and asking girl C if girl M ever shut up. The girls now want alcohol. No big, we're 17 we can handle that. By this point, girl M (the hotter, annoying one) was struggling for my attention, and all of my attention was going to her friend. The girl actually PAYS for me to get drunk. SHE paid for the four lokos that WE drank together. All I had to do was go in the store and buy it from the nice illegal-minor-selling-alcohol man. I know alcohol throws off game, but I get anxiety, and alcohol helps me chill a great deal. So in effect, this girl has now invested in me, by buying me alcohol. She wants me to rub lotion on her hands now -- Kino. Hey, why not, I'm buzzed. I do it. We're massaging each others hands. It gets slower, and the finger begin to curl and grasp one anothers each time our hands slide apart. A while of this, and then she climbs on my lap (This is girl M remember). Now she's sitting on my lap, with her head on my collarbone, as our hands rub together. As time goes on, her head is slowly shifting to the right, as mine slowly shifts down. I had never kissed a girl before. To tell you the truth, I've always cut things off right after the attaction stage -- I know, I'm a pussy. I don't know how I did it, but it felt so natural, all of this. I just moved in slowly and grabbed her lips with mine, and we began to makeout. For minutes. I don't know if I was good or not, but it sure felt good. We would do it on and off from there, without words. My friend even had to slam on the brakes a few times (asshole wingman) to get us to stop. Earlier that night, both girls took my phone and put their numbers in, and later on, girl M would call and text me constantly. Although ultimately I blew her off. I'm not ready to commit to a girl right now.

My "breakdown analysis" of the night:

Attraction was instant since they said over the phone: "He's hot!"
I disarmed girl C by simple rapport with her, and negging girl M.
I (forgot to mention) demonstrated higher value by meeting and talking to a friend at the gas station we stopped at before getting the 4lokos.
I demonstrated higher value again when I called up my friends and met them at the place that would seel me alcohol.
The attraction was so strong, that it seemed as if girl M was trying to get into MY pants! Paying for my alcohol, putting her number in my phone, initiating kino, etc.

Anyway, that's my little "success" story. Most of them end at attraction, which I find easy to do, but have simply been afraid to go past that, so I cut off contact with girls. The only "ace in the sleeve" I have here, is that in my school (for reasons such as public sightings, rumors, etc.) I am perceived as HIGHLY successful with women. I know the truth, that I'm not that successful at all. But people literally don't believe when I try to talk them down from their overestimations. Doesn't matter to me, really. All it is, is people that DHV FOR me.