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    Hey all,

    So, I've read some, played in the field a bit, observed a lot and finally decided to pop on here and create an account.

    There are few ways 2011 could be worse that 2010 for me, so I'm doing what I can to improve my outlook on life and get some social exercise. Not because it's easy, but because I know it can be good for me.

    I'm a gamer and a geek. I like music, chillin' with friends, candle lit dinners and walks on the beach... well, kinda.

    Anyone else from MI around here, drop me a line. I'm close to Ann Arbor and looking for more people to hang with and see what happens.

    I'll see you all around some time.


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    Insert Coin: Press Start...


    Welcome sir you will find information here super helpful and have fun getting social the game is a blast! Especially when you start to get good at it

    Get out there and get your first 2011 numbers

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