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    Opinions wanted

    I'll try to make this short but I'm looking for opinions on how to handle this. I've remained friends with my ex who at one point cheated on me. Over the past 9 months we have become closer and remained friends with benefits. Recently I met another HB7 who is the sweetest girl ever. I started hanging out with her but never told my ex. The other night my ex found a couple pictures of me and HB7 on Facebook. She goes crazy on me telling me she knows I've been seeing this girl and that's why I haven't wanted to hang out with her on weekends. I told her me and the HB7 were only friends and had just taken some pictures together. The truth is I've been spending a lot of time with HB7 and really like her but she's not really hot enough to be my gf so it's kind of a waste of time and not worth the drama.

    So my ex calls me every day freaking out about this shit, tells me she is really angry at me for lying to her, blah blah blah So far my strategy has been to be nice to her but she continues to get angry and curse me out. This morning she calls and tells me that HB7 blocked her from facebook. So now she thinks for sure something is up. My ex then told me to delete the HB7 from Facebook or she will never talk to me again. I told her I would delete HB7 only if my ex never brings it up again and gets the fuck over it. To be honest, I'm kind of over all this drama so I'll probably break it off with HB7 anyway, so that's not the problem but I need to get control of this crazy ex, since she is definitely out of my control right now. She thinks she's running things. I'm looking for opinions on how to proceed. My ex does not respond well to jealousy at all so that option is out. Any ideas?

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    Opinions wanted

    She's your ex and you're not dating...tell her that. She cheated on you so you don't trust her to be in a relationship.

    Since you aren't dating you can do whatever you want, don't let her control you. She is likely fucking other dudes on the side too (especially if she cheated on you).

    I honestly think you should let your ex go and keep fucking the hb7 till u find better (or keep on fucking her after u find better )

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    Opinions wanted

    A couple of things:

    1. Don't let your ex control you. Don't do what she asks/demands. Make that clear to her (You are at an advantage here b/c SHE cheated on you...I could keep going on how to basically shut her the f up)..and also ask her really what could she possibly do if you don't follow her rules. Cheat on you around with her head a little.

    2. Don't tell her anything about other girls (yet), if you still want her around. Put yourself in her shoes and whatever she does to frustrate it.

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