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    FR: Nikki Marina

    Went out with Prankster and some non-community friends. Got myself in a fun playful state and went over to the bar area where I saw this 4-set of all girls. I opened with my "drink challenge" opener which I use whenever I see a girl at the bar and it worked great with this girl. Was able to get huge compliance and establish a fun playful vibe. In hindsight I should have worked the friends some more and it hurt me later on.

    Prankster comes in and begins winging one of her friends (we both made the mistake of alienating the other two because of the way we were all positioned, they were behind us)...I locked myself into the set and she began with the shit tests with every one I passed I began getting IOI's (she reinitiated convo when i went silent, asked me tons of bio questions, kept doing light kino on me ect ect) At one point I tried a routine I heard of but never tried before and I think it works great but I f**k it up. I told her to look into my eyes for 10 seconds and we'll know if we hate or love each other. After I tell her I hate her of course but she said my eyes were to sarcastic (keep sexual and warm eyes?)...kind of weird but I like the routine. Did some push/pull but not enough kino and we ejected with her wanting more on a high note...mentality was I'd see her again and gain some more social proof.

    Then we encounter the naturals and the two set we got blown out of which prankster describes well so wont get into that.

    Saw the original girl on the dance floor and we flirted but she wanted to dance alone and while I did some grinding with her I didn't do enough kino and let my frame (and value) shoot down. I lost to many frame control battles on the dance floor. Hard to explain this but I know what I mean.

    I see a large russian set and open the guy, get really good with him and we become instant buddies. The girls are looking over and wondering "who the f**k is this guy?" whole time I keep throwing negs their way and finally they get involved and I begin interacting. Perfect mixed set opening for me. I was working two girls really but it was weird both were giving me tons and tons of mixed signals. HBdancer tells me she has a b/f IOD, then grinds with me IOI, ditches me to dance on table IOD, also basically she does push/pull to me but keeps up the protection shield that she has a b/f.

    I try working the blonde friend. This girl was just REALLY weird and REALLY hot taking mixed signals to a new level. She barely says ONE word to me all night...moves away when I try to negative BL alot and ignores me alot. HOWEVER she shows me a pic with her and Paulie from sopranos saying their friends...randomly starts trying to unbutton my shirt...randomly comes up and has her friend take a pic of us...while we take a group photo I grab her ass twice and each time she moves my hand but stays next to me...laughs and plays kino games like slap hands and thumb wars with me. i got HUGE IOI's with HUGE IODs. Ridiculous...anyways I ended up just saying f**k it and having fun by dancing and going crazy with one of the guys from the group and dancing with the girls. It worked well cause I had a real genuine (I dont give a f**k attitude) and was done with trying to game them. I need that attitude more often while gaming at the same time.

    Basic things I need to work on and that was pointed out to me.

    -More kino...get more aggressive and sexual with it. I have this frame in my mind where she needs to chase me but I gotta drop it and just say wtvr I'll kino regardless I dont need her pawing at me before I make moves.

    -Create more sexual tension

    -Tone down the role of entertainer and dancing monkey

    -Better frame control

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    FR: Nikki Marina

    I have to say from reading your posts the only thing I see that they seem to have in common (unless I am missing something) that you are immeadiatly talking to your target as opposed the obstacles - M3 states to disarm the obstacles first and pay little attention (or only negging type attntion to the target) until ALL the obstacles are diarmed and you are locked in the group. Even then in A2 im pretty sure it should be no male to female interest - I see that this appears to be happening however.

    Looks like you have A3 going pretty well BUT I also see that you are not qualifying her - have you tried this? How are you doing it?

    Then you say the original girl wanted to dance alone, but you grinded on her anyway - why did you reward her shitty behavior? Punish her! Get it another girl near you and make her see it.

    The girl that said she had a bf then tried grinding on you seems like SHE was leading you instead of vice versa - Im no expert, but how about after that IOD you IOD her instead of grinding on her? Turn your back to her or something.

    I think those girls were gaming YOU my friend - If there were any other sets out there I would have tried either ejecting anf gaming another group or gving IODs to the girls and punishing them for the bad beahvior.

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    FR: Nikki Marina

    As I was reading I had the same thoughts as Livinthedream. It seems like the two weird girls were just having fun with you. You were chasing them instead of vice versa it seems. How were you negging them?

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    FR: Nikki Marina

    It sounds to me like there isn't a target...Rather you are sending negs into the stratosphere at whichever chick. I could be wrong.

    The problem with doing this is that it doesn't create attraction with any one girl. I think the way to go is always neg the target. Use the obstacles as helpers instead. Have them help you get the target. Don't neg them, instead give them more attention than the target.

    Hope that helps. This and correctly navigating through A3 have been my sticking points lately.

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