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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    The killer is that I think she's just gonna give you a one sentence response if you text her something like, "How are you, cinderella", you can just tell something is damaged here and you're fighting for it too much. PUA reality is harsh, and you chose to lead this kind of life, i'm sorry but you can't be like any hollywood drunk schmuck and dive head first into cascades of open displays of love for this girl, because if you look back this approach has crashed and burned before, at your expense and pain. Really, you either should send her a farewell text, wish her all the best and tell her you can see her doing big things, accomplishing all the dreams she's ever had and that you hold no regrets over your actions or feelings for her, you're only human and that maybe one day through sheer serendipity you might bump into each other in a video game store again. Make it polished, don't be like a lumbering baby, it's gotta be like Clark Gable before he left that woman, "Frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn". But with decorum as it's driving force, she'll respect you tremendously for this (not to mention you've used future projections) and will either try to rake up the good memories she's had with you and force herself to get in touch, or let you go, perpetually carrying you as an albatross round her neck. Move on, but be classy BRAH!

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    Who says becoming PUA can't help you when you're in love?

    If it's all about getting laid for you, sure, be my guest. But he is obviously in it for a different motive.

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    I've learnt pick up so I can find someone who wants to be with me, I've done the random sex thing and it's just not my way...

    Kat was the first girl I ever got results from using this stuff with, so I guess that's why I fell so hard.

    But I think I'm just gonna text her soon, like nothings the matter and try to recalibrate what we had...she is still with her new boyfriend though, and in a way I don't want to actually be with her anymore. But I think in order to truely move on I need to have her in my life some how, so I know she's alright...sounds lame I know!

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    You go, girl.

    Keep us updated.

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    I know how ur feeling man, this is the problem with becoming friends first. Friendship really complicates things doesn't it? At the same time, you have to remember HB are common. Girls u can find all the time...but this girl...

    This girl seems to be a rare one for you. I'm gonna be honest with you tho, she's a bitch for sending so many mixed signals. Regardless of wheter you didn't make the move in time, she has the chance to do something too, she's free enough with other guys no?

    Also remember this, friends can be common too! You can make new friends, in fact most friendships are temporary. Your soulmate, the love of ur life, is extremely rare. If she's the ONE then you gotta focus on making urself better so when she grows up and matures a bit, she will see you go the prize you are. I'm in a similar situation myself, I found myself thinking about this girl all the time and fantasizing about how good we would be together.

    Truthfully, you want to engage urself i.n other activities to lose focus on her...sports, sarging, whatever. Improve urself. If u do pickup do it to improve ur social skills, not only to get babes in bed. I hope it works out for you though. U can recover from a broken and currently broken heart. What u will NEVER recover from is regret. If she's the one, do everything in your control to win her heart.

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    Any updates Strider?

    It's been a while.

    I hope it evovled well

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    Strangely enough there is an update!

    Last Saturday was going to be the first time I saw her since we had our sit down talk about the whole situation. The first time I would see her since she broke me.

    She was going out for a friend of ours birthday. I was in the same town that night, and knew it would be impossible to avoid her.

    I enter the bar where I'm meeting with the birthday group. I immediately go to the bathrooms.

    "Your super cool. Your amazing. And your looking like a superstar. Let's go wow her panties off."

    I walk down the stairs and make eye contact with my boss from work, he yells something to me...I don't hear it as in my peripheral vision I can see a white dress, held up by a stunning rack and hugging a tight body. It's her.

    I don't look over, I remain looking at my boss but at the same time focused on Kat in the corner of my eye.

    She looks my way.

    And as if I'm some arch-demon she shoots off into the crowd, running away from any confrontation with me.

    I play it cool and talk with friends, I go to the bar and order some liquid courage trying to come up with the words I'm gonna say to her.

    But before I get a chance, the birthday party does my opportunity for closure on the whole situation.

    Since then she's back in my thoughts, crippling my ever growing game. I went out last night and didn't approach one set.

    So back to the drawing board I guess....

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    Shit man. Sorry to hear that.

    Do you know if she still is with that Ivan prick?

    Don't let her affect your game man!

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    I say forget all that crap, move to Florida (usa) and let me be your wing!

    And great story, most enthralling thing I've read in a while. Plus mad respect to this community.

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    The most comprehensive failure story ever written?

    From what I know she's still with Ivan, although I can't confirm it...being blocked on her facebook and all!!

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