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    Friendly Message to All Pickup Artists

    I was gathering some thoughts, and I just wanted to say a few words to everyone:


    That being said, I would like to give a special thanks to Style for writing the book that got me into this world in the first place, and Mystery for making the world itself.

    Another special thank you to any of my friends on the forums and anybody I've talked to who's given me advice on what to do. All of you that make up this community are very important to me and I wish there was a way I could give back to each one of you.

    All of my thanks aside for now, I would like to point out a few things about this forum and the PUA community that I feel are true:


    We have the power to make a difference in a LOT of people's lives. I feel like it is MY obligation, as many of you may feel it is yours, to give back to the AFC's who we once were, and to help those who are in need like we were at one time.

    I would like to bring attention to a recent scenario, and one that occurs everywhere and often that WE AS PICKUP ARTISTS CAN HELP FIX!!!

    One of my gf's brother's friends recently committed suicide. I had just gotten her brother into pickup, and apparently the friend killed himself because his gf broke up with him. This, to me, is something that we can help fix. These are problems WE were meant to solve. Nobody should feel like this. Granted, other issues probably effected it, such as depression, etc., but I feel like there are WAY too many people in the world who hate themselves or think there's something wrong with them cuz they can't get girls.

    We can help these people. If you see something like this happening, and you can tell they need some help, offer out your hand. It's all people really need sometimes.

    Another thing being a PUA has taught us is to be comfortable with yourself and confident in your own skin. So many people need this as well. Do you know how many people who have killed themselves through being bullied and tortured? We are the ones who are confident enough to deal with it. Others are not. We are obligated to help, aren't we?

    Also, if we SEE these acts, we are the ones who should ally ourselves with those who are in need of a little protection. Put a stop to these acts. We're supposed to give love. Giving love is also a way of STOPPING THE HATE.

    We all know that together, this community is bound for greatness. Hell, we're already there. Together, not only are we great, but we are powerful enough to make a difference in so many people's lives, so let's utilize our resources and make a difference in the world.

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    Friendly Message to All Pickup Artists

    You are welcome

    You are also right that we can help a lot of guys, and women because of our knowledge.

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    Friendly Message to All Pickup Artists


    A wonderful post Von_Halen, thank you for sharing. Giving love and offering help is indeed the path of greatness for any community or individual, and this community in particular is in a very strong position to do just that, for many.

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    Friendly Message to All Pickup Artists

    Great post VH.

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    Friendly Message to All Pickup Artists

    Wonderful post. You are absolutely correct. I am of the opinion that no one can fully call themselves a PUA without passing it on. Think about it. Here we are learning and supporting each other. No where in the world have I been treated so kindly by people I have never met!

    Every PUA here was once where I am now. Even Mystery was one of us. He said so himself in his books. He said so on his TV show.

    It is not just a good thing to do to help teach this stuff. It is a duty as a member of this community. After I have read all the books I could on the subject of pickup I passed them on to my friend. All the lessons I learn here and in the field will be passed on.

    I am so grateful to this community and the support that I am willing to reveal a promise I made to myself. When I become a PUA, not a rAFC that I am now but when I master the skills, I will help one willing AFC I meet in a club or bar every month.

    Look. We are never going to run out of women. They outnumber us in the world. There are more women out there than men. Beautiful women are a dime a dozen. I travel back and forth from New York to Boston and there are more HB9 and 10s in New York alone who are single it is not even fair. They are lonely and desperate for a quality guy.

    We are all quality men. Most AFCs are. The problem is we were not taught how to get these stunningly beautiful girls to pay attention to us. To win them over.

    Save an AFC today! More PUAs make us stronger. Not weaker. Who else but us can change the world and make it a better place?

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