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    FRQA - Selling to the Sales Rep

    I was out hanging out with a buddy of mine, and while in a store I quickly approached an HB 8 who worked there for some advice. I asked for her consultation about something for a friend as an opening, and quickly asked for her advice and built upon rapport from there.

    After making some small talk, I quickly asked her name, shook her hand, and brushed her off to engage with my friend but she quickly got my attention by asking for my name (Which I took as an IOI).

    Obviously, I answered and entered a time constraint and left, but I forgot to # close (newbie mistake I know). I have already made up my mind to go for it, but what's the best way to go about it? Direct Game? or make her beg for another bone?

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    FRQA - Selling to the Sales Rep

    Tony, controll the frame, Just go up to her next time direct open it, but in a friend type way. Don't make it seem like your strangers, assume rapport, and have a casual conversation. Then get the number before you leave

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    FRQA - Selling to the Sales Rep

    Thanks man, I'll be sure to put it into use.

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    FRQA - Selling to the Sales Rep

    Yah I actualy used it with a girl who came into work today, she worked at hot topic so they dressed up, and she had cat wiskers, I made a comment at work about it, then later I went down to hot topic she was still there and I just struck up a conversation with her. I didnt number pull but I should have

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