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    I'm not that easy!

    At a bar, I was dancing with my friends, and one of my friends introduced this HB 9.5 to me.
    Uploaded some DHV's and she shit tests me,

    HB : "Will you get me a shot?? please?"
    Me : looking at her with a weird facial expression, "did you just.. ask me to buy you a shot?"
    HB : " Yeah.. I mean..."
    Me : (cutting her off) "Woman I am not that easy. come on."
    HB : (Laughes)

    2 minutes later I poked her with a shot in my hand.

    HB: "OMG, you got a shot for me??"
    I acted like I was gonna give it to her than drank it in front of her.
    HB: "omg wtf blah blah blah"

    More push and pull then I acted like I was getting distracted and walked away
    HB: "Wait, Where are you going??

    Later I got a shot and re-engaged her, and isolated her from her group.

    Me: "okay if you behave I might give you this shot"
    Me: "but before what are your three best qualities?"
    HB: blah blah
    Me: " oh really? that's pretty cool but I m not quite sure about you yet"
    Me: "Do you know how to cook?"
    HB : "No."
    Me : "Do you know how to sing?"
    HB : "No."
    Me : "What are some interesting things about you then?"
    She hesitated to answer
    Me : "Alright, you're losing me"
    HB : she grabbed me and said "WAIT BUT,, blah blah"
    Me : "Let me see your hand" -> thumb wrestling routine.
    Me : "Looking at her weird "Do you work out?"
    HB : "Yeah I work out everyday"
    Me: "really? Flex for me"... "Alright.. are you flexing.. anytime now"
    HB : She laughed and punched my arm "Omg shut up..."
    Me : "You know what? you're pretty cool. you should give me your number so we can hang out"
    HB : "Okay"
    Me : "But I have a lot of random girls number in here, don't be one of those random girls that I never talk to..."

    What I did wrong: I think I closed too quickly, I think I had enough attraction to go all the way to kiss, but for some reason I had this fear that I did not want to fuck it up because it was HB 9.5.. But not bad for being close to sober

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    I'm not that easy!

    Good report
    Sounds like it was a fun time.

    But I agree you could definitely have gotten at least a kiss close. Just needed to isolate, I'm sure there was a dark quiet corner somewhere you could have taken her

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    I'm not that easy!

    In my opinion you lacked a bit more comfort building

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    I'm not that easy!

    agreed Howl. Isolate > build comfort > go in for the kiss

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    I'm not that easy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchilled View Post
    agreed Howl. Isolate > build comfort > go in for the kiss
    Yes also, you want to build comfort so when she gets a call from you she doesn't expect you to only want her for sex. You follow?

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    I'm not that easy!

    It was pretty much going from A3 -> Number close. Have you called her? did she flake?

    As Mystery says: "The game is won or lost in comfort"

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    I'm not that easy!

    Yeah she flaked. I go to college so just number close doesn't go anywhere

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    I'm not that easy!

    did you talk to her after she gave you the number?

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    I'm not that easy!

    no, but im not really worried there are a lot of hot girls around this campus

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    I'm not that easy!

    Sounds like a fun night! Next time push for the kiss dude! You say their are a lot of hot girls around. Why not push further to see how far you can go. If you fail, their are enough other girls. If you succeed...well you win!

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