I had a realization about my game and life today, and I thought I'd share it in hopes of providing a little support to someone else who's struggling with women, and really anybody.

I'm 24, I graduated from college in June, I've slept with 2 girls but never had a real relationship, and have just always struggled with women. While I've always been social, I've just never been socially confident/strong (hello friend zone ), and the continuation of these problems have taken an even bigger toll on me as the years and college went by.

Since I started getting into this community a couple years ago, things have started to slowly change (I definitely see the whole world differently now, and I am mostly happier), but my inner game has held me back from really sarging and practicing, and the results we all want (sex, relationships, etc) have not yet come.

I've realized in the past year how important inner game and overall confidence is in all aspects of life and how much I have to work on in that area, but with that said it's still hard to be completely positive and not have regrets about college and the past at times. That in itself is a battle.

That brings me to today. I was talking with someone close about my life and future, my priorities, and whether I want to continue to pursue my long-planned career or do something different, and those dark feelings of regret and desperation to ensure things really turn around romantically started to creep into my head-then I had a mental shift and I think I finally found the answer.

Maybe all my struggles and flat out lack of success with women is a good thing. This game and this community have made me realize how much it's about a lifestyle and beliefs, getting more out of life, and giving more back to the world around you. I've realized that it's more fulfilling to have and pursue different interests and experiences and to push your comfort zones. If I didn't have all the struggles that I'm now working on, my dating/sex life would probably still be mediocre and/or inconsistent at best (and ignorant of what could be), I might've never found this community, and I wouldn't know how much more fun and better my life has the opportunity to be.

I've realized that my true goal is to become an Alpha Male who has and is more fun and successful in all areas of life.

Without having gone through what I have, I wouldn't be working so hard on bettering myself, expanding my experiences, and becoming that Alpha Male.

It hasn't been easy in the past, and reaching my goals will be no easy or short task either, but my life as it was really has provided me with an amazing set of opportunities for how things can be that I wouldn't have been aware of without the challenges of my past.

Thank you to everyone in the community who has helped me get to this point-from Mystery, Discovery, and the many other PUA leaders right down to Derby (haha, love ya man) and all the recovering-AFCs on this forum..I hope this can serve as a little inspiration to anyone who's struggling similarly. First set on the left!