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    Greetings, I am BlackCat.

    Well hello everybody!

    I first found out about the community in my sophomore year of high school when i discovered "The Game" in the bookstore(for the ridculously low price of seven dollars!) and i set off on a path of self development. It did improve my social interactions but it also made me an irratating, albeit charming and charismatic, prick. After a few years however, i have found balance and now that i have just entered college i am ready to reach my full potential.

    Here is how i would describe myself as of now,

    I am 5'11" with a slim but muscular build, tan skin, and overall i'd say i am an good looking guy but nothing girls swoon over. My seduction skills are a bit skewed. I am utter shit at approaching but once i know a girl, i am fantastic (near god-like) at comfort and attraction. But then once it gets to the point where i could level up to the actual seduction, i get scared. Not a total noob, but i've never been laid. I hope to have better luck in college since the girls will only see me as i am now and not as i was before the community. If any of you can point me in the direction of things that would be particularly helpful with college game that'd be much appreciated.

    Its college and knowing i have this forum for help, i am sure to conquer my entire campus!


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    Greetings, I am BlackCat.

    Hey BlackCat!

    When it comes to seduction, here's a very simple rule that I follow. Whenever your brain sends out a signal saying, "I could make a move right now...", then just go for it! Have the confidence to act on instinct.

    And remember.. KINO KINO KINO!

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