Saw a girl at a bus stop, probably an 8 and above (asian).

i don't understand why people don't use situational openers, it's so boring in these forums. anyway back to the story.

ME: 'hey do you know whether the bus will come soon?'
her: "yeah! soon i guess'
ME : "'interesting! you have no idea yet your confident. I guess you have good
bus picking experience"
Her " lol what do you mean by that"
ME (made up a story on the spot)
Her "amazing"
Me: " continued with story and how skeptical i have become towards bus drivers, gave her an option if a bus comes i buy her dinner if it doesn't she does, i smiled"
((bus come))
ME: "asked her what she likes?"

(as she is telling me bus pulls over, pretend i forgot something and walk away. Before i do that stretch out my hand for fist pump, she loved it)

#never be desperate to a women or be too kind as they hate it, it's a sickness which they have so exploit it"