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    Want ideas coming up with a wager

    Hey guys,
    I'll tell you a little about the situation I got myself into this week before I explain the help I would like.

    First off, I'm a girl, and I met this really lovely guy at the pool table the other day. (He's a pool champ, which is incredibly sexy). Anyway, we're talking, and just talking, not really flirting because I have a boyfriend. But he's interesting and I want to keep talking to him. In the end, he ends up asking for my number and asking if he could take me out to dinner, and I say yes.

    During the couple of days before our date I talk to my (ex)boyfriend again, because we were taking a break, and we end up getting back together. So I text the pool-table guy and tell him I can't make it and explain why. But we agree to play pool together the next Sunday, and he texts and says

    "I know you have a boyfriend but if I win [the pool game] i would like to take you out to dinner, what's your bet?"

    I don't have a bet. I've got a couple of days to think of one though.
    Criteria for the bet:

    - can't involve him spending money on me (taking me out to dinner, buying me drinks/things in general)
    - can't be sexual

    Ideas would be very helpful. Thankyou guys xx

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    Want ideas coming up with a wager

    Before going out in general and making a wager with someone make sure you think about what you want to do, how serious you are with your boyfriend, and what each of your boundaries are in the relationship. It sounds like he's courting you, and you're following the courtship process (even though you have a boyfriend).

    Obviously that's first and foremost. Between pool (which can become very touchy), and going to dinner, and not to mention asking for creative ideas for a wager it seems like you're pretty interested.

    Anyway now that I hope it's clear what you're getting involved in i'd just say something funny as your answer just to liven your conversations (I'm assuming youre going to lose if hes a pro?). Anything like "If I win I get a 30 minute massage and shoulder rub" or "If I win you have to accompany me to get a mani-pedi".

    Best of luck!


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