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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Hi I live across the street from the college campus I go to.

    It's an apartment complex run by the univ. and about 95% of the people who live here are students.

    As you know, many college girls are hot so you can understand my frustration when I've been living here for 2 years without closing ANY of them.

    I get tons of IOIs and I say hi to them. They're friendly. A girl next door was showing some intense attraction but unfortunately now it's the end of the year.

    But, I'll be living here over the summer with not much to do but sarge!

    They're my neighbors so I can't treat it like a club obviously.

    I need help! any suggestions?

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Watch OLD SCHOOL

    Why dont you enroll in 1 chick class like yoga or acting ?

    Start a social network w your neighbors and make your pad the #1 party site

    Start a facebook page and work it hard

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    similar problem.

    It's so frustrating to be around all of those women and not know how to open/close. I wish had access to all this info when I was in college, because I know looking back how many times I just walked away out of numerous situations that could have gotten me laid, due to complete ignorance of how to talk to women, and especially how to kclose fclose etc.

    I would get IOI's and and invites to girls houses and just turn them down. I was a super AFC at the time. I have studied a lot of material I've gotten off the internet and such, and have made drastic improvements in the last few years in my inner game and being able to talk to women, but come up shy when it comes to how to get them more interested in me sexually. Even when I know they are. I still don't know where to go from there. I still am in substantial need of help and just ordered the Mystery Method.

    I think you should do the same if you haven't? The more I learn about this stuff and put it into practice I have a much better understanding of how it works, and that it actually does work.

    Good luck!

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Thanks for the supportive replies.

    I will definitely try to make my apartment the party hub.

    I've read MM, some other classic PUA writings and more recently I've been reading Revelation.

    I have # closed girls on campus before, but just not in my own neighborhood...yet!

    Hesitancy has creeped in because recently because my negs tend to be miscalibrated on campus. For now I'll only use them to punish bad behavior.

    I'll be moving from my apartment to another near by for the summer. The transferring starts today.

    As far as closing more girls goes: here's my plan:

    Stick with the same two openers:

    For single sets: 1."You're cuter than the average (adjective)" *without smiling*

    This one is so money! I didn't want to use it for like 5 months, when I finally did I was impresed with the results

    For groups: 2. (Horse girl opener) *accusatory and playful tone*

    This one captures their attention fast, I need to work on my delivery though. But, this is a good opener too.

    After that go off of the vibe I'm getting from them. My default could be IVD or palm read, situational fluff talk. Be C+F. Kino her: when she laughs, to emphasize a point, "accidentally".

    I'll try this today.

    It's been a several months since I've went for a close. But, I'm back in the game and I have the support of the VA community behind me.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Get your apt ready, buy lots of cups, an ice cooler, booze, a nice bottle opener and equipment for making drinks, a nice champagne cooler.

    Find a place nearby that sells liquor cheap and get some pretty bottles of champagne & beer.

    If your apt is always ready for a party part of the battle is already won

    Just dont get busted for giving booze to minors

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    find ur local pua lair. they can help you

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Heres a fantastic idea

    Find out which clubs the college girls go to party at then make friends w the promoters and tell them about your pad and if they can help you have a house warming party there

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    This is why I joined this guys are so great!

    I don't drink so the question is what to have here in place of alcohol?

    I will search online now to find the local lair as well.

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    There are 3 lairs 50 minutes or less from me! I'll check them out when I get a chance.

    Today I shared a good vibe with a girl will I was swimming...

    I think college girls are a lot more chill on campus (the reason why is irreverent, just have fun with it!)...I just need to open my mouth and make more connections!

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    HelP! I live near hundreds of beautiful women

    Glad I could help, three!?!? you're lucky

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