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    help with second meeting

    well i met this girl at a party and we got to kiss close etc, then we went on a "date" and it went well and end with another kiss. all going go until she turns round and goes we should she each other until after exams are over, this is like a month.

    so i was wonder what to do ? do i wait and see or call here when the exams are over

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    help with second meeting

    Mate, you guys obviously have a degree of chemistry if the two of you have been making out. If you like her and see this going somewhere, respect the fact that she has work to do and give her some space. It sounds like the two of you are at college, so I presume you have exams to revise for as well? Focus on your academics for now (whilst maintaining a bit of flirty texting) and see what happens later.

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    help with second meeting

    im actually in this position myself... read my post from my field report called "who are we really attracting"... although a month is a long time and i cant really relate to that, this girl that i am talking to right now needs to study all this week and weekend. that being said, im gonna give her the distance she needs and let her know i can have fun without her and that im not obsessing about her. truly, i'm not, but it would be nice to see her. honestly, the best approach in this situation is the one that im taking as well. u gotta bite the bullet for the next month i guess while at the same time keeping the comfort and rapport up. its tough, but i just texted my girl today and said:

    word for word, im just copying this from text:

    Me: FYI im never studying with u again, im totally a bad influence for u
    HB: hahaha sounds good! im at volta now actually (this is the place I showed her for the first time last night)
    Me: ?? me too! i dont see u
    HB: (some minutes pass by) lol r u kidding?
    Me: lol jk, i got u to look around though huh?
    HB: HAHAHAHA Weirdo, not really, im a back corner
    Me: ok go study, lemme know when ur free again
    HB: mmk

    so my advice is just to keep it short, play with her emotions a bit -- whether it be laughter, sensitive crap or w/e -- and then cut it, but keep this up every now and then.

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    help with second meeting

    sweeet thanks guys,
    ill try it out and see how it goes.

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    help with second meeting

    also forgot to add that i've had no texts/callls from her 4 nearly 2 weeks now.
    do i need to use good text opener like i would have texted u sooner but i knew u where revising and im totally a bad influence for u whilst u are revising.

    if u got anyideas? if thats cwl

    cheers jake

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    help with second meeting

    Do you guys have any jokes that just the two of you would understand?

    For example, I once gamed a girl whilst on a temporary work contract where the two of us were employed together making cakes. We had this running joke where we would sabotage each other's cakes, so when I reinitiated contact recently by text, it was with something like "Yo, so have you been wrecking anyone else's cakes recently?"

    Worked well for me- hopefully you guys have something similar you can tap into!

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    help with second meeting

    agree with goingup... also add a nickname if u dont have one already for her...

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    help with second meeting

    thanks for the advise guys, being trying it out but she isnt texting back so its kinda a lost cause atm, so im just cut the chord.

    thanks again

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