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    Guy too attractive?

    I'm just curious if a guy is too attractive is it harder for a girl to talk to him or look at him as they pass each other? Do some girls feel like they are not good enough for a guy? I know if I see a really beautiful girl (Not just beautiful but looks TOOO Glamorous) I feel like she is way to high maintenance and although she is really attractive I don't have the desire to approach her.

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    Guy too attractive?

    The point is... Do you feel that way? Do you get approach anxiety? If you see a girl of high value, isn't it more difficult for you to approach her? Of course it is. The same goes for women. Coincedentally, women don't often approach men, anyways. It's not their role to.

    The difference is that a pickup artist should be able to approach his OWN sets, no matter what his hindrances are. Personality and inner game are truly what matter to women after about 5 seconds.

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    Guy too attractive?

    Yea I understand that, I guess what I'm getting at is this. It seems that I have an easier time gaming a HB8+ than I do gaming a HB7-. It's hard for me to understand. Also, it seems that when I hit on someone that is not so attractive, I get less IOIs. I thought that gaming someone less attractive would be easier for me but it seems harder, like they show less interest.

    I would say that I'm pretty attractive. I workout and eat right so I have a bodybuilder look and I get rated about 9.5+ on diff photos).

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    Guy too attractive?

    Confidence certainly plays a part. Women that have higher self respect aren't going to feel as threatened by a guy as good looking as yourself.

    Things to keep in mind: SINCE you are good looking, ease up on the cocky... We good looking guys have to play more funny/playful because simple cocky statements can be perceived as arrogance, which is undesirable. It usually doesn't matter much with a HB8+, which answers your question. Another thing is that you need to stay away from comments about looks/appearance. My roommate/wingman is an excellent looking guy, (bodybuilder) and we've had to hone his game accordingly. If he even says the word "fatass" or something similar, he loses the set. EVERY TIME. Beauty can be a hindrance... We do not have the ability to fly in under the radar.

    In the meantime, I'd stick with the "plow" motto... EVERYTHING is an IOI. You see less IOI's from uglier chicks... That's because they already see you as having higher value. Additionally, WITH THE UGLIER CHICKS, stay away from the negs. You won't need to neg as much, since you have looks going for you.

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    Guy too attractive?

    Gambit, thanks I think I see things a lot better. Your explanation really helped and I think your right that I need to adjust my game. I've had a girlfriend for nearly 2 years and now that I'm single I don't have as much field experience so I have a lot to learn.

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    Guy too attractive?

    I'm truly glad I could help. Additionally, don't allow looks to rule out a set. A girl may dress like she is "glamorously", in your words, as a means to show her best assets. Open everything, just to see what happens!

    As far as getting out of a LTR, you're in the right spot. Best of luck with it.

    On a side note... I dated this "glamorous" girl for a while that used to say "high maintenance is another way to say 'high quality'." Funny story.

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    Guy too attractive?

    If your good looking its like any good looking person it only takes you so far. Personality is important so being kinda laid back and playfull in a proactive way will aid you allot. Girls can be very self concious so you gotta make them feel comfortable, and like they can open up to you. So just don't come across like a clicky guy, or judgemental person then you should be good.

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    Guy too attractive?

    bump...good replies so far

    i've been having the same problem. i'm kind of good looking, and the past few months i've been negging too hard and the sets always end up falling apart

    and i also dont think question openers work terribly well...

    should a more direct approach be used?

    daresay compliment? i really am not sure about the compliment parts if your good looking..i heard somewhere you should use em sparingly...

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    Guy too attractive?

    First and foremost, if your negs are not working, then it's quite possible that you're not negging correctly... Which is a very common mistake. Here's a GREAT thread about that...

    Direct approaches should near never be used... They display too much interest. Direct approaches should be reserved for when you've displayed social status already... And even then, NEVER combined with a compliment. Think about it... That displays you are a man of lower value, because you're trying to get the female of choice interested in YOU, and you're being obvious about it.

    Question openers are Direct... Ex) "What is that you're drinking?" and you're displaying interest. On the other hand, being non-threatening and saying, "Let me get your opinion on something... I have to get back to my friends in just a second (FTC), but we're in a conundrum. ." MUCH more non-threatening. If you do it correctly, the set will open. Every time, provided you're interesting. People in public gatherings WANT to be entertained/talk to someone that will brighten their occasion. It would be weird if they DIDN'T want to. If someone wouldn't give you their opinion on something, is that really someone you would want to surround yourself with?! Not me.

    As for compliments... Compliments should be reserved for the comfort stage, and they should ALWAYS be unique/creative, and seldom. Saying, "Wow, you're so beautiful!" is clingy, wussy, needy, and un-original. It also displays that you believe that THEY are of higher value than you. Think about it. If you're a beautiful woman and COUNTLESS guys approach you complimenting you on your looks, that's flattering... but those guys don't get to be your boyfriend. Treat them like HUMAN BEINGS. However, saying, "Oh my God... Your blue eyes are fabulous... They remind me of ." THAT is the correct way to compliment. It also helps create an emotional connection, telling them of your past.

    If you're having trouble with getting blown out of your sets, it's very likely that you're just NOT being interesting enough, or perhaps your inner game isn't on key. Additionally (and no offense), you claim that you're "kind of good looking," which is not a very confident proclamation. Are you good looking or not? Don't be embarrassed about it, nor feel like you're gloating. We don't care what you look like. :-)


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    Guy too attractive?

    Well, if a guy is good-looking, the attraction phase is already he can start at a deeper tier into the seduction

    & I feel you have to be more direct when you're GL, because if the attraction is already established i dunno if you need to beat around the bush...probably wouldn't use a compliment tho yeh

    isn't that what most girls fairy tale fantasies are made of, directly approached by a good looking guy? if you're body language, eye contact and tonality are all on point, i'm sure it could just assault her emotions into deep attraction without even doing much

    & i'd say ehh 8/10, get alot of body lang on a regular basis at my university

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