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    This stuff really works!!!

    Last night was my first night going out since 1. being single and 2. after reading the game, MM, and Power.

    So anyway we went to a university town near Umass Amherst. I didn't really follow any specific pattern but I loosely followed MM and I really did alot of what David Deangelo explained in his article on this forum.

    So I opened conversations alot by saying things like if a girl brushed against me or bumped me I would say "Can you please not touch me" she'd of course be surprised and say "what?" then I would say, "yeah you grabbed my ass hands off the goods" every time they laughed and most times we ended up in conversation. Oone girl got pissed and was about to yell and I'm really? You're gona molest me then get mad at me? She started laughing and I got her number too. That was my favorite line of the night, worked like a charm. Granted it did faila few times but they at least laughed. I asked one girl if she was married because of the ring on her finger and acted like ai didn't know which finger a marriage ring would go on. She explained it all to me, thought it was cute. Damn there is so much to write.

    But THE BEST story of the night is this one here. This HB9 was at the bar, talking on her phone and obviously upset. Kept going outside to talk then she would come back in. SHe was with 4 guys whom I figured she was dating. So I told my friend I wanted her but didn't say anything. We leave the bar and on the way out she is standing there on her phone by herself. I say to her hey are you ok? Cuz you look pissed! SHe gets on the phone and asks me what I'm talking about. I say are you fighting with your bf or something cuz that's what it looks like. She says actually yeah I am how did you know? I say well I'm a psych major I'm pretty good at these things. I then say whats going on? SHe says her bf lives 3 hours away and he inst returning her calls. blah blah blah I tell her thats BS you're gorgeous he shouldn't be pulling that shit you could drop him in a second. She's like oh you're so sweet. ( after I said this I realized that was AFC-ish and I backed off that bit) So THEN she holds up her phone to me and shows me a pic of her BUTT NAKED on all fours!!! She says if I sent you this wouldn't you call me back? I said umm yeah definitely that's a nice pic. I asked her to show my wingman for his opinion ans she did. So at this point I ask her what her name is she says Katherine. I said oh no that's the same name as one of my ex gf's and I hated her she was a bitch. Maybe we shouldn't do this it could be a sign and i start to back away. She grabs my arm and sayd No No I'm really sweet stay. (In my head I'm thinking Holy Shit this shit really works!!) So I say ok ok I'll stay for now. I then tell her that we are going to the next bar down the road and that she should join us. She says she has to finish her beer inside first. So I said well take my number and if you decide to come over ther text me and we can talk. We exchange numbers and say goodbye. Now this was the hardest thing to do for me - to walk away. Everything AFC inside me told me to stay with her and buy her a drink but I followed pua advice and acted like it was no big deal. So we leave, I'm freaking out saying bro she's so hot I can't believe I'm walking away from this. We go to the next bar and 30 minutes later I get a text "I'm here where are you?" Long story shourt we meet, start talking. She introduces me to all her friends (guys) who I talk with and act buddy buddy. She asks me to buy her a drink. I say I say sorry but I don't buy drinks for girls, it's one of my rules. I then ask her what is different about her and why would I want to hit on her when there are so many other girls in the bar? She proceeds to convince me how special she is and tell me why I should date her for the next 30 minutes. I then say well my buddy really wants to go to another bar you should come with us. She says ok we go. I suggest a private booth she agrees. We sit down and she puts her legs on mine, we talk and end up making out. Immediately after she says she feels guilty because of her bf who she has only been dating 2 months. I said yeah I respect that but I really feel a connection with you. She says she feels one for me too. She says she only has 2 weeks of school left and she wants to hang again. I said well I"m a pretty busy guy. She says are you free tomorrow night. I said well I work till 9 but I might be able to swing something. She says call me tomorrow we will hang. So I say ok and she leaves.

    45 minutes later I text her it was great to meet you talk to you soon. She call me back crying saying she is fighting with her bf but she wants to see me tomorrow anyway. So I tell her I have to go cuz I will lose signal but I will call her tomorrow.

    So that's that and I will call her tonight when I get out. We'll see if she picks up or not. Oh did I mention she is a double D??? Shit she is gorgeous. I'm a little worried she'll have buyers remorse and ignore me. We'll see though.

    But this shit really works I will be dangerous soon! There were so many other stories from the night that I don't want to share because this is long enough. Great shit though great shit!

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    This stuff really works!!!

    Dude this was freakin awesome!

    Post what happened, did she return your call?

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    This stuff really works!!!

    sounds like a great night. the only thing i'd suggest is to stay as far away from anymore involvement in her existing love life (the bf). If you stay there too long, you become Dr. Phil and she'll only want your counseling. Become her love life and keep with the takeaways and she'll forget all about what's-his-face.

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    This stuff really works!!!

    sounds good man congrats,

    althought i would be a little bit catious with girls fighting with there bf might be unstable, i

    however ignoring all morals and ethics i will just seduce, hit and run

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    This stuff really works!!!

    Yeah man, definitely agree with Metalhead on this one. If she mentions her boyfriend tell her "Yeah... my boyfriend's way cooler than yours anyways" or something like that, or "Yeah, well he seems like a nice guy, he can make us breakfast or something". Or just ignore it. DEFINITELY stay out of it from here on out.

    And do NOT put him down. Even if it's just to say "yeah he's a jerk you should dump him". If you're a real PUA and an Alpha male, you don't have to put others down. You're comfortable enough with yourself to not need to make yourself look better, cuz you're already a boss. In fact, never put anyone down.

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    This stuff really works!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Von_Halen View Post
    Yeah... my boyfriend's way cooler than yours anyways.
    that's great, I'm using that tonight.

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    This stuff really works!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mdr411 View Post
    Last night was my first night going out since 1. being single and 2. after reading the game, MM, and Power.
    Haha I have the same reading list... hopefully when I finish in a week or two (I'm about 80% done with The Game) I'll be able to post a cool story like this one. And nice job with the "hands off the goods opener" Im glad to know it really works.

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    This stuff really works!!!

    what is the book Power? I can't figure out which one that is. I tried to search but couldn't find.

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    This stuff really works!!!

    Awesome work man! Your game was really tight... Only suggestion I have for you is concerning the opener... " Are you Ok" opener is used by too many AFCs...But your saving grace was successfully following it with a cold read which worked really well!

    Keep us updated on your day 2

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    This stuff really works!!!


    The book is called Power, by Robert Greene. Great book.

    So let's see the next day I called her and she picked up right away. I asked her to go out for drinks which we did. We talked during drinks, I asked her a lot about her childhood, family, etc while at the same time keeping it upbeat and staying "alive". I commented on our connection a few times and she sgreed saying she feels something she can't erally explain but she likes it. SO after drinks we walked around for a little while and I called it a night a little early to keep up the mystery.

    I took the weekend and didn't text or call her unless she did first. Then ended up telling her I would call her Monday. On Monday I called her and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner on Tuesday, she said yes right away and I said great I'll see you then. It was a very quick call but I wanted to seem like it was no big deal and like I had somewhere to go. Sooo I go to pick her up and when I get there I call and she says oh I'm running late I have to jump in the shower do you mind? You can hang out and watch tv while I shower. I say no problem thats fine. So I get to her house, we go inside. I walk into her place and she turns around and starts making out with me. The next 45 minutes was GREAT! lol Then we went to dinner, went for a walk after, and I brought her back to her place.

    It's amazing how quick the process goes if you just follow the techniques and stay calm. A few times she even told me that I'm not really even her type but there is something about me! haha I'm like...hmm if only she knew!

    It's not all the skills though, I mean you do have to be able to carry conversations and not be awkward about it and I've always been good at that. But the techniques really put you on the right road. So all in all things are going great. We'll hang out again next week but I'm really in no rush to call her. She'll call me when she's ready!

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