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    Mystery Method At Work

    Hi guys Legend here kinda getting used to the MM I've been sarging in malls for awhile now but I have a problem and I AM POSSITIVE you guys can help me so please if you read this reply and tell me what you think

    Well the deal is, I work at mcdonalds. Now this mcdonalds is actually the best mcdonalds in baltimore and MANY MANY MANY Hb 10's, HB 9 and HB 8 come in constantly when I was still in my Afc days I was always speechless, but after coming across the ''The Game'' and learning the The Mystery Method its become alot easier to talk to the 10's at my job. Only problem is they order there food a lil fluff here and there and poof there gone.

    So heres the deal I want to challenge all you master PUA's out there today is friday and I'm hoping some of your reply this before I go to work tomorrow because I really really need some routines for work so I can start number closing left and right. In exchange for this i'll give you my field tested 100% (if done right) Routine for auto number closing { day game} .

    Follow this for a 9/10 number close everytime ( may need to add in a some light negs if shes a 10)

    Pua: Hey guys quick question, I only have a few seconds, anyways its my cousins birthday next week and I have no idea what to get her any bright ideas?

    Target: blah blah blah blah blah

    Pua: I was actually thinking of taking her to friday's but I'm afraid to even step foot in that place!

    Target:Why? or How come?

    Pua:[small story] Ok well last time I was there hanging with my ex and her girlfriends and some of my guy friends (pre-selection spike),after the girls got finished there meals and were whining about how full they were I called the waiter to ask for the bill. Then the strangest thing happend, the waiter had said the meal was already paid i'm looking around and thinking one of my friends must be fucking with me...and then.....I see this guy staring at me and I slowly walk up to him and say...hey man thanks I'm very flattered but um...I'm not gay....then the dude goes -_- what are you talking about? it was the most embarrassing moment of my life {credit Lovedrop}
    (when telling this story be sure to be animated and make it very dramatic)

    Target:Wow thats funny....*smile or laugh*

    Pua: [push and pull] You are either the cutest girl I've ever met or a total weirdo

    Pua: Slightly body rock and then say before I go let me show you something cool and I normally move in to a magic trick OR if magic isnt your thing say give me your hands for a sec i'll show you something cool ( Esp Routine or say I can ask you 3 question's that will tell me everything I need to know about you but before I can do it I have to see if you trust me, then move into the IOI trust test routine followed by The Cube { if not familiar with the cube routine ITS FUCKING AWESOME ]

    Target: wow omg ...

    Pua:[get her to qualify] You... know beauty is only common what else do you have besides your looks? tell me 3 things that make you special ( or anything qualifying routine you may like depends on your style)

    Target: blah blah blah

    Pua:[ SOI ] Wow thats pretty good its rare to find people like you... hey I gotta go and meet up with my friends soon but what steps would we have to take to make sure we talk again?

    Full Number Close.

    I have given you one of my routines so I'm begging you guys help me come up with some routines to use on the Hb10's that love Mcdonalds. Keep in mind that I don't have much time to talk and if I go in too direct the other customer's might make my target shy or put her on the spot, however there are times when there are few people in the store. I don't expect any kiss close routines but I do want number's.

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    Mystery Method At Work

    Hey dude!

    You already have some routines ready to go.
    Don't stick to McDonalds theme. You can base your opener on this but lead them to other topics.

    To my mind you should:

    1) Flirt with the set. Say ambiguities. Make them laugh. (that's for heating their buyer's temperature)
    2) Do a FTC (you're at work)
    3) Intrigue them. (ex. do a short psychological test (the Cube is too complex I think) BUT DON'T TELL THE RESULTS!)
    4) Do another FTC. It's the time for a TB and #-close.

    Or you can actually leave the set, making them beg you for the explanation. If you do this, appear again a few minutes later. 90% they would ask you to continue. #-close.

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to your field reports with this stuff.

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    Mystery Method At Work


    Thanks for the reply Aficionado I'll try what you said but any good ideas for a short psy game all I have is the cube so far

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    Mystery Method At Work

    lol @ closing at mcd's hahah

    your routine sounds like everything else i've ever heard I didn't read anything original in there, but not saying it's bad, and I'm sure it works, but jeez you act like you are late to the party and point out the elephant in the room like you are the first to see it or something lol

    you're not going to pull much working at mcd's no matter what, sorry, unless you are redic good looking/she is hot, but sub standard in other areas (specifically wealth) and she could be going to mcd's and all

    I want to assume you are young, maybe highschool so maybe things are different that I picture them

    If I were you I would say, this isn't my real job, or my dad owns the place and make me work to learn can you belive that, i'm only hear til my college app gets accepted/i get my reality show/my band is famous/ect, anything that show's you aren't really working there, you just happen to be behind the counter in the uniform taking orders

    or if you were my gf this meal would be free... but you're not so it's 3.45 (jk i don't think this would work, but it would be funny as hell to me)

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    Mystery Method At Work

    had the same problem while working @ a ColdStone at a mall in Palm Desert. But that was before i got involved with this culture. I would fluff like crazy and act uninterested and busy, but still very polite. then slow it down while charging the target, and hit them with a cheezy on liner like "like something sweet for someone sweet" target would laugh and i'd guess around 70% of the time i would #close.

    i'm not saying this is good advice, but i'm sure you could squeeze it like an orange and find out WHY i would get the number close.

    also interested in quick psych. games :]

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    Mystery Method At Work

    Neg Time

    Neg them, "Your very little." Then, I just noticed, "your nose wiggles when you smile" lol "there it goes again!!! Then stack to a comfort/connection routine like "is there more to you than meets the eye?"

    Then, the best gambit I have learned to number close is, " What steps do we need to take to continue this conversation."

    If she is not interested, no big deal; in fact, nothing is ever a big deal. So, if you keep trying and keep trying you will master Mcdonalds game!!!

    Then what? You can do anything!

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    Mystery Method At Work

    Hmmm.... I think it is not a good idea to neg a customer.

    A little bit teasing would be nice, not hardcore negs.

    About quick psy tests:

    - snake painting
    - palm reading
    - cold reading based on "wearing rings on special fingers"
    - 4 questions
    - handwriting analysis
    - lipstick personality test

    Search them. Learn them. Practice them. They're great!

    And learn some easy bar tricks. That's a good #-close when a girl asks about the secret and you make a TB "to teach her this stuff"

    PS Hey, Knowledge! RTFM! "comfort/connection" is about something else and it goes AFTER qualification ("is there more to you than meets the eye?" is a qualification line).

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