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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    Ok guys, tricky one. After opening a 2 set in a bar, I became aware that I had been acting over enthusiastically with hand gestures etc... the obstical then commented something about acting too gay... I responded by saying "are you jealous because I look more fabulous than you do tonight?"

    It created a fairly positive reaction, but the more I though about it, the less I liked the response I used.

    I'm fully aware that i need to keep my enthusiasm to a level that just pips that of the set to keep the atmosphere energized, but can anyone think of a better response if it happens again?

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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    Happens To Me All The Time

    The trouble with being an over talker or enthusiastic is something gay men do! But the they do and do it well because they are NOT trying to impress women where as men tend to choke up, shut down, get AA what have you. Now, I grew up in a house hold full of women and so I tend to be all these things and I have been accused of being gay my whole life! Now, tha answer about fashion is great but what I do is a go with it. I mock her question because it's rude by impersonating myself as being gay. One time, this girl asked if I was gay before I even spoke and suddenly I was Flamboyantly gay!! I walked, talked and spoke like a flammer!!! I even went over to my wing and he pretended to be my lover! She suddenly became disarmed and then continued to tell me to stop joking because now she wanted me to NOT be gay! Then at the end of the night, she came up to me and asked me once more if I was gay and in a straight regular voice said, Of course not, have a nice night! This was purfect and since then she stares at me and I'm pretty sure she wants me now. I blew her off because I wasn't interested in her, I was interested in her friend but it worked.

    I also, use this line...

    Are you gay?
    No, I just flip a coin in the morning, heads I get some tail, tails I give some long as I bust a nut, that's all that matters.

    Hysterical laugh!

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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    Accused of acting too gay!

    Hahaha! What a great line! In future I may try running with the gay thing a bit more and see what kind of reaction it provokes, i'm sure whatever happens will be fun!

    Cheers for the advice dude, keeping gaming.

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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    Nothing wrong with being metrosexual

    The border between being "gayish" and being observant and a gentleman is thin, i have been doing some research on this and trying it out in the field, and ive come to the conclusion that we should all study the way gay people notice the small things, hair, make up, foundation colour settings etc. If we somehow mster this, we will be unstoppable!

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    She accused me of acting to gay!


    dont let her steal your frame

    I had a girl swear up and down I was gay, I mean thats all she talked about. 20 minutes later she was in the back of the bar on her knees giving me a blow job.
    Case dismissed.

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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    I get asked if I'm gay quite a lot. According to Style, it's a phase that a lot of PUAs go through, but the comments eventually stop as your game improves.

    It also doesn't help that I wear black nailpolish and have a few "gay" mannerisms that I've picked up from gay friends.

    My favorite responses to "are you gay?" are:
    "No but my boyfriend is."
    "No, I just have a gay man's fashion sense. "

    If they ask me and my wing if WE are gay, I say "Us? No, he's my hetrosexual lifemate!"

    But I'm definitely stealing Agape's line. That's just hilarious.

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    She accused me of acting to gay!

    Hahaha I'm definitely going to try that line out Agape. I get asked if I'm gay once in awhile from my peacocking, but after they talk to me for a bit they discover I'm not through my mannerisms and voice.

    P.S. I love the Heterosexual lifemates bit, but you know this

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