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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    Buyer's Remorse is a cruel hearted bitch that unleashes a deflating punch to the stomach when you are most vulnerable. Here's my story of "success" leading to failure and Openness leading to Lock-down.

    Last Friday My college classmate and I went and ate at Chili's and watched Clash of the Titans. I've had a girlfriend for the past 8 months so I haven't been able to escalate this girl until now, but as soon as I could I did, first day back from springbreak as a single man I bounced her to bookstore. Second day I got her to give me a ride in her car and then agree to Movies the following day. Third Day Went to the Movies with her. Background with this girl is that she has always been SOOO into me, my gf even got jealous that we worked on homework together after class everyday.

    We arrived to the movies as the trailers were playing and suddenly after 45 minutes of conversation she waits until that moment to ask me "Why did you break up with your gf?" the question totally blindsided me and I honestly have trouble answering that question anyway so I fumbled my response on that we weren't compatible as people then some lame thing about how you need to have a lot in common with someone for a lasting/positive relationship (said this because I knew that SHE knew that her and I had a TON of stuff in common)

    After we got through this I asked the same question and then moved on into the trust test. My goal was to go for the kiss to solidify the frame that we weren't there as friends. She was very stiff and failed miserably, so I teased her stopped and started over several times until she was doing all the necessary things that signaled she was ready to kiss, just as she was just about ready the movie started, so I ended up watching the movie and for two hours thinking about how I was gonna go for the kiss (not very productive or good but it was hard after knowing her for so long and spending easily 120+ hours with her)

    I couldn't come up with any smooth ways to go for it while the movie was playing so I decided I would do it immediately after. I turn to her as the credits are rolling and say "That was awesome" her response threw me for a loop,"It was better than I thought it would be, I hadn't really wanted to see it but it was good" After she said this I realized it was ON still and took it as an IOI.

    As we were exiting and pulled her in the opposite direction of the exit into the corner and gave her one last try at the trust test. This time when I got to the point where I had control over her arms I placed them on my shoulders, wrapped my arms around her back and magically she leaned in before I even realized what was going on and we were in liplock.

    After a few minutes she was embarassed, not a fan of PDA I found out. I reached down as we exited and she took me hand. Listen carefully to what happens next because this is where I fucked up.

    As we are walking I say,"You're gonna have to learn to like PDA" then moved into small talk and after I invited her back to my house. She had previous plans and apologized and asked for a rain check(in retrospect I'm pretty sure she did have plans but this could very likely been because there wasn't enough comfortability for an inexperienced girl to go for it), so I ignored it and moved on. When we got close to the cars I had been a little quiet so I stopped her and pulled her towards me and kissed her more then launched the following,"I think you are very special, you are one of the smartest girls I've ever met, only problem is that you're an underachiever" as she started to protest the IOD calibrator, I interrupted her with more kissing then said "I can't stop thinking about you, I always find myself wondering what your doing." then walked back to my car and I leaned back on the door and pulled her in and kissed her more and she started asking me about my ex girlfriend. I told her "You are actually the reason I broke up with my ex, the thought of never having the chance to be with you because I was with someone else scared me."

    After more kissing her Buying Temperature was through the fucking roof and since I was about to leave I told her "We should stop, I don't want to get you all turned on in the parking lot, You should come over tomorrow and see what kind of place I come from." As she left I told her not to think about me too much and then drove away.

    I left feeling solid, looking back I realize I really fucked up(or was about to).

    I called her the next day to hangout and got her right as she was going to a baseball game with her family, told her to call me after so we could hangout. She called me back later on and as I discussed how to meet up she tells me its her uncle's b-day so she could only hang til 6:30, So I tell her not to come and we could hangout later, and to call me if she had any down time the next day (I was really pressing to get her to my house so I could attempt a Fuck close, realize now I pushed so hard that it came off as needy). Called her the next day to talk and left a message.

    2 days later(Today) See her at school, go to our regular hangout spot and sit with her and talk and by her serious, business like demeanor I realized "We" were fucked. No more laughs at jokes, No more attempts at conversation and no mention whatsoever of what happened. I didn't try anything radical just was myself. Her male friend came in and sat with us and she demonstrated interest in him that basically showed me the lack of interest I had at that point. I acted unaffected and had a very fun convo with the guy and then would let him suffer when he tried to make convo with her, his no game=Interviewer, while I worked on homework they had awkward forced conversation. Occasionally I would come back in and save him then repeat the cycle. When we were headed to our next class she got up and for the first time ever took off without waiting to walk with me. After this I decided for the first time in like 6 months to not sit by her and instead sit in front next to another girl I knew and chat happily with her.

    What did I learn? I learned the devastating effects of Buyer's Remorse. I had more attraction with this girl than I prolly ever had and in a course of 2 days it was like I didn't even know this person who I had been so comfortably casual with for so long. I attempted too much pairbonding and came on very strong. My Game plan is to follow Standard Operating Procedure of PUA's. FORGET HER AND MOVE ON, it's such a shame though. FUCK YOU BUYER'S REMORSE! Also I thought I could get away with Qualifying HARD but I learned the hard way, you must calibrate everything!

    If anyone spots something or has feedback of what I could've done wrong/differntly, possible differnt causes or anything else I'd really appreciate some feedback! Thanks for reading, Live long and Prosper my friends. I'm gonna go hibernate in my room and lick my wounds.

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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    Well at least now, you know what not to do.. sorry man but better luck next time

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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    i'm just curious bro did she kiss back enthusiastically when you two lip locked? or was she just going along with it because she didnt know what to do? were you guys 'good friends' before hand? friend zone?
    i may have missed it, but did you DHV? whats her caliber, both physically and socially? i see negs, good, unless she is not as socialized as we are, then bad. I get the sense that this girl is a more innocent type?

    It was better than I thought it would be, I hadn't really wanted to see it but it was good" After she said this I realized it was ON still and took it as an IOI.
    in perspective do you think this was an IOI or was she more not looking forward to the date therefore non responsive to your advances?

    if you feel like you moved throuh A1-A3 successfully, i think you totally skipped C1 and jumped to C2. I mean yes you may think you guys talked before and built comfort, but totally on a different level. i think you should have started from A1 and followed dance once she knew you were not there to be friends. good job trying to communicate that from the get go, but maybe a little forward. try body language instead of verbal communication to get this across. i find it works a lot better. i verbally show disinterest but my body language says 'you know what i want' and it seems to work out well for me.
    i know you say MOVE ON TO THE NEXT, and fuckin A dude i hear ya, but i would use this as an opportunity to practice some damage control. seems like you could care less if you get her or not, so even more of a reason to try. you got nothing to lose. you never know when/if this will happen again with a girl you actually want, and if it does its always good to have a strategy ready, cover all bases, and always plan for the worst.
    if u can get the girl that obviously was disinterested at some point (i think its safe to say she is) but later your game was that good to re-game her, then your game with fresh girls will be just that much better.
    thats my two cents.
    good luck bro.

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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    Just to clarify, are you saying you had buyers remorse or that she rejected you because she had buyers remorse?

    I ask becasue this is similair to me. I was into this chick and we were on the verge of becoming a couple. Than she wigs out on me, I see her a few months later and boom, she looks totally different, acts different and I wonder how I could have liked her haha

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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    In a nutshell, you've been in the friendzone with this girl for 6 months, then tried to SMASH that in 3 days. Right?

    That's where you fucked up. Ain't happening like that. She apparently wasn't actually interested in the movie and made that clear. She didn't respond positively to the kiss. And the other stuff, each one MAY HAVE been indeed legitimate, but they are still/were still excuses none the less so that she could AVOID escalation with you. Likely she even planted that new guy sitting by you two so that you would NOT escalate any more.

    Did you EVER kino her in the past while you two studied?

    Anytime you meet a new girl, flirt with her, game her, tease her. Make it sexual from the start. This does NOT mean you HAVE to get sexual with her, but at least it steers you clear of the friends zone. Even if it DOES take 6 months to go there with her, that expectation was set up front. If you START going into the friends zone, there is no way you're going to smash it that quickly.

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    Make-Out close, then Fucked (not literally)

    personally I think when she said she didn't really want to see the movie that she came to hang out with you, you said she leaned in for the first kiss, honestly I think you should have put on the breaks after that...

    never let a girl know how much you are into her until you are proposing, I think it came off weird that you broke up with ur gf because you couldn't stand not being with her WOW lol, i mean WOW, that's pretty strong!, and then acting like you expected to fuck that night, lol, that's your mistake in my opinion

    not only that she doesn't want to be a rebound girl...

    I always say since this is pretty much over it's time to test cpr material.

    maybe say I'm sorry I think I came on a little strong after the movie, I DIDN"T know what to say, act like you thought she wanted you to say you left ur gf for her (she did ask twice)

    maybe add I just thought you were cool and could be more than friends, something like that then just leave it, and she might say, well maybe, or let just stay firends or who knows

    my point is make her feel almost like she messed up, asking you about your ex soo much

    like i said, nothing wrong with a last try (even if it turns out to keep friends), i mean it would seem more awkward to never sit by her again and just nothing from now on

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