i went to a movie theater at a local mall. go in ask the girl working there if a movie was playing. (no.) it was on the bill. (blah) ask when the next movie is? smile, lean towards her slightly, keep eye contact, leave, wander the mall go to every store fairly dead really small mall. get a bite. talk to a girl at the pizza place i saw last night. have 20 minutes left until the movie i want to see starts. go over to the theater, two girls working no customers. walk up keep eye contact smile to each in turn with direct eye contact. ask if any of the movies are good? (all of them) sure! you're just saying that because you work here. (no really) blah. joking with one, reference a movie "the princess bride" (never seen it) seriously? they allow people who have never seen the princess bride work at a movie theater? they don't have a test? (what is it?) it the princess bride. random co-worker comes out. i love the princess bride. blah. talk to the girls again. go see my movie.

worried i may have come across too interested. i was just kinda bored wanted to have some fun.