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    Escalate and Keep Pushing!

    Escalate and Keep Pushing!

    I went to a club last night for the first time in a long time. Had a lot of fun!

    Girl #1: Pretty, but not hot enough girl.
    As I approached my friend at the bar I was just moving through the medium density crowd with a medium amount of force. One girl I didn't notice said "hey, why don't you knock me over next time!" I looked and she was leaning on someone because she had been knocked over by me.
    I laughed and my friend laughed, and I said "You should get a stick and tie yourself to it, like those little trees that need support. That way if the wind picks up you won't get blown over" *smile*
    She smiled etc, and continued saying something but I wasn't paying attention.
    She had my shoulder. She was pretty, but not hot enough for me to be interested.
    Later she came up to me and opened me. She asked me something, so I helped the conversation get going by threading.
    I thought maybe I'll pull her just for shits or use her for pre-selection or something. She was quite pretty (6), just not my thing.
    We realized we didn't know each other's names so she offered her hand for me to shake to introduce herself.
    She complimented me on my smile and asked if I'm a nice person. So I said "well! I'm quite a biased person to ask that question!" (and looked at her like she had asked something absurd, in a funny way)
    So then she said "yes I suppose"
    So I said "I would say I'm a good person, but not a nice person"
    (she approved)
    me: "if you're nice people just walk over you"
    her: "yeah, you're right, nice people are always trying/want to blah"
    me: *nod* "nice is weak"
    her: "fuck nice"
    her: (said something else)
    me: oh, thats NICE! *grin*
    Then her friend came, grabbed her hand, and pulled her away.
    She was looking at me while walking backwards.

    My game was pretty good there, but I didn't move fast enough.
    I DHV, Body language good, Was having a good time.
    I didn't need to bounce her, because we were on the balcony already (good for talking) but a bounce to the bar inside would have solidified things?
    Must do more Kino.
    Should have started qualifying lightly already. Maybe. Can you gauge if its too early to qualify by doing light qualification and seeing if it turns her off/on?

    Girl #2: Random blonde surfer girl
    My friend (who has a gf, but likes macking girls for fun) was talking to some girl, then some random blonde girl (6) came up, smiling and stood right up against my friend unnecessarily, like she knew him. (she didn't)
    She started talking to him, and he was giving IOD body language, he was like 'yeah, yeah' disinterested, and looking at me and pulling funny faces. So I used the opportunity, ignored her, I was smiling, looking at my friend, and pretended we were talking in some kind of code, laughing. Not paying attention to her, when she seeked my attention, I gave her common courtesy respect, but thats all, DHV.
    She talked too softly, I unconsciously leaned in to hear her once, then corrected myself telling her "I can't hear what you're saying, you need to speak louder" (must have told her 4 times)
    Then my friend left so I could take over.
    She was hot enough for a pull, but completely flat chested, so I would not have long term interest.
    So we were talking. People kept pushing past us, so I put my hands on her arms above her elbows and said, "I think we're in the high traffic area, lets move to the side a bit"
    I made a mistake in moving too far from my friends, and then leading her to an open spot on the balcony, where I leaned back with her standing infront of me.
    Mistake:, she seemed to lose some interest that I wanted to isolate her, because my isolation intention showed too much interest in her.
    Lesson: The bounce was good, but rather move more gradually into isolation, if its early.
    Mistake: Facing her directly while leaning against the balcony wall. The leaning back is a good thing, but facing her directly is bad.
    Lesson: Rather remain standing, then you can use your body language as a tool. Think about what body language you want before you bounce and position yourself.
    She was talking a bit too much, making conversation too easy for me.
    My attention was drifting off, then I realized I need to wake up and do stuff so that it goes somewhere.
    I interrupted her a few times when she talked about uninteresting stuff. A lot of the time I couldn't really hear her. I told her again "you're starting to speak softly again..."
    I did some light kino.
    Mistake: Didn't escalate, Didn't lead the conversation/interaction. No purpose/plan.
    Lesson: Decide how I want the interaction to progress and move it in that direction.
    She indicated that she didn't have a bf and shes just moved into town.
    Her friend came and said hello to her. She started talking to him.
    She was about to introduce us, but I said "introduce me to your friend" anyway to show initiative.
    Then introduced myself to her other friend.
    She got deep into conversation with the first one.
    I waited a few seconds after making light talk with friend #2, saw she was going to remain talking to friend #1, so I told her its my friend's bday and I'm going to go talk to him. She was friendly and said "oh, yeah, go, its fine"
    I intended to re-engage with her. But they left.

    Girl #3: Hot hippy girl (a good 7)
    Mistake: Did not follow 3 second rule outside on balcony when I first saw her. Was slightly intimidated by her vibe, she was DHVing, talking with quite a few guys, having a good time. Didn't want to get blown out.
    Lesson: Follow the 3 second rule FFS. No fear. Why waste time.
    TIME IS PRECIOUS when doing Pickups.
    Opened her when she was standing near the dancefloor. Stacked a few threads, started talking, her friend was nearby and interacted with her. Because we were still in the transitional phase I thought it would be DLV if I lingered, so I went to the toilet.
    Came back around, went into transitional phase. I think she liked me, She touched my forearms and chest when she talked to me (music kind of loud, but not super loud) and accidentally touched me with her boobs a few times.
    Her friend got her attention again, and nudged her to follow her deeper into the dancefloor. She looked at me, and pointed that she was going in, then I think she indicated with body language/pointing that she wanted me to follow.
    So I didn't quite know what to do. I thought "ok, i think she asked me to follow her, do I? Is it DLV?" I went in after her, but went onto a different part of the dancefloor, with the intention of moving near her 'unintentionally' but thats a really lame plan.
    I looked for her after a minute or two but she was gone. Left the club.
    Lesson: When she started touching me I should have bounced her to the balcony to talk easier.
    Mistake: She asked me to follow her with body language. I didn't want to follow for fear of DLV. But I ended up following her, while trying to look like I wasn't. That just shows no balls.
    Lesson:If she asks me to bounce with her somewhere thats not good for the pickup, I should ask her to bounce with me somewhere that IS good for the pickup. If she said "but my friend" I could have said "You see your friend all the time, but you're not going to have another chance connect with me, I think you should come outside with me"
    Throw in a false time constraint, and go for a number close.

    Girl #4 Semi Hot girl.
    Opened for me by a friend.
    Mistake: I had no material. Could not transition.
    Lesson: Practise some material, get some canned stuff ready for emergencies.
    I really like story telling. It works well for me. I must just get my stories lined up so I'm ready to pump them.
    Mistake? Asked about her necklace, touched it before even transitioning. She wasn't completely comfortable with it.
    I didn't hear what she said.
    I asked her to repeat but she was not interested.
    Lesson: Rather than saying "I didn't hear you" or asking her to "say that again" rather make a statement like, even playful like "you should speak more loudly and clearly, that way if you've got anything good to say, people will actually know about it
    Set over.

    Set 5: HB 5 & 6
    I opened with "You two have the exact same facial expressions" They giggled.
    "Are you best friends?" They looked at each other and laughed, the 5 said they were. The 6 shied away and went and put her arms around a guy. The 5 was keen to talk to me but I wasn't. I left the 5 for my friend 3 steps away.

    Wingman Set 1 Friend macking a hot girl by the bar.
    His body language was good, she had his shoulder, she was tilting her head up to speak into his ear, against him, he was tilting his head towards her.
    Hows that head tilt thing? a good que for the girl to come talk into his ear?
    So I head her say shes leaving, So I did a lock in for him.
    I put my arm around her and him and said "Hey guys!" then I said "Joe! introduce me to your friend!"
    He looked very unpleased. So she introduced herself to me.
    Then I said "dude, have you invited her to our party? you should invite her!"
    Then she told me shes known him since they were in nappies.
    Then I left the set.
    Then after she left my friend came and joked "Dude, you were cockblocking me! Why Why! GO AWAY, YOU'RE DEAD TO ME! "
    He didn't seem to agree that I was helping.
    Was I? Could I have done anything better?

    Wingman Set 2 Other friend trying to open a hot girl in a cafe.
    He was trying but she wasn't opening up to him. So I started to try open her as well. And she was paying a lot more attention to my openers.
    I was acting slightly drunk and playful. She had a wound on her hand, so I took her hand and said 'wow, who bit you' (the kino is maybe a bit too much?)
    If she has no hot friends around I don't mind making a slight fool of myself to help open a set for a friend.
    He was talking to her, but her body language was still closed to him.
    So I went between them and said "Don't talk to his guy. Hes dangerous Hes a serial seduction artist. Really, Don't talk to him. Hes dangerous. My friend was like smiling and telling me to go away.
    So my friend was coming and giving me shit (with a big smile on his face how I must not fuck it up for him) I was like "dude, shut the fuck up and go mack her" he started talking again and I said "go now, or I will" so he went.
    He bounced her to a table and was talking to her. But her gay friend was also getting her attention. So I went and sat down and distracted the gay friend.
    He #closed.
    Afterwards he was telling me what a pimp he is and how it comes naturally to him. He says "I'm a pimp, I mean look at me, I'm steve, theres nothing impressive about me" I asked him "what did you say?" he said "i said nothing, I said hi, my name is steve, and thats all. shes a small town girl and she was just so impressed with me"

    What do you think of my wing manning?
    The idea is that I'll teach my friends how to wingman for me. None of my friends have any concept of a wing man.

    A fucking fun night all in all. I intend to do it more often. and TURN UP THE VOLUME.
    Escalate, Push, Decide where I want interactions to go, and go for it.

    One thing thats just amazed me lately is how well things go compared to my expectations. I must just keep sarging, and doing affirmations so that I come to expect interactions to generally go well and see them as exciting.
    So many times last night I'd decide to go for something, and then been surprised at how well it worked.

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    Escalate and Keep Pushing!

    pretty sure it's fine to let her bounce you, least costly mistake wise, i think you get more out of it then you loose in immediate value, like loosing a few extra soldiers to win the battle.

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