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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    DiAbLo = VeRy ExCiTeD .. slept with a 10 last night.

    my fb was out shooting pool with my friends that are girls last night.
    i'm pissed at her for trying to get so close to MY friends that are girls.
    now she's referring to them as OUR friends.. i don't know why this is pissing me off.

    maybe because i know she is trying to get close to them to gather info about me?

    but anyway. had sex with a 10- in my book. last night. this girl is one of the hottest girls in my college town HANDS DOWN.
    guys.. i am PUMPED about this.
    funny how having sex with a really really hot chick can make you feel SO DAMN GOOD lol.

    (all names are changed, the girl i hooked up with will be called hb10 of course ; ))

    Blond hair beautiful skin, ass that will make you cry. oh my.make me melt.
    i met her 2 MONTHS ago.
    this girl is RETARDED HOT (you guys know the type)
    but we hadn't talked much since we met.
    how we met.. just a random occurrence at a bar.
    i get her to ask for my number. business as usual.. you guys know how i get them to do this by now.

    finally she took the text bait (FINALLY) and started replying.

    [i was probably sending txts about once every two weeks.. just talking about what i was up to ... never inviting her anywhere.. she'd respond, but would never ask to join or anything]

    [i didn't "next" her because i haven't had sex with her yet. so for any of you inpatient PUA's.. this story is FOR YOU. any of you PUA's who claim, "oh i wont bang her if she doesn't fuck on the third date." ..THIS IS FOR YOU. why the hell would you 'next' a super hot turbo hb10 if you haven't fucked her? like you are SO busy you can't handle having a 10 on the backburner? whatever lol. ]

    apparantly My neighbor had hooked up with her before i did.
    he must have been in the right place at the right time.
    my buddy was like, "you should forget about her man, she's with our neighbor bro. don't cockblock"

    i don't care about this.
    if it wasn't for me he wouldn't know her.
    the rule is - i opened that set of girls 2 months ago, i get my choice.
    i know he's SUPER DUPER pumped about hooking up with her. fuck it, my set, my girl.

    Anyway, i get a RANNNNDOM text tuesday night from her-
    hb10: "hey we are at the bar, come take shots!"

    I’m with my best buddy playing xbox360 video games at my house.
    i look at him after i read the text..
    he says, "ummm.. you look like you're gonna shit your pants?"
    I tell him we are going out NOW. and that he's gotta buy me a shot to look cool.
    He says he will but it wasn’t necessary.
    I walk into the bar and notice HB10 sitting with my neighbor
    Shit.. she is literally making out with him. FUCK. gotta be kidding me right

    i know i must build some social proof, i gotta do SOMETHING, i mean SHIT- she's MAKING OUT WITH ANOTHER DUDE.

    my buddy walks to the bar to get those shots
    I open the first set I see.
    it was an off-duty Bouncer I knew.
    I see my friend jen and I hug her, who is with her friend K
    Then I hug K (who is the girl in "textbook MysteryMethod")
    open some other random set and they are just like "uhh?"
    haha i don't care, i just need HB10 to see me being social.
    i figure i have enough social proof.
    Then I goto HB10's set.

    looks like i know some of the people she is with,
    I Hug her friend sarah,
    then hug her friend brandy,
    handshake her friend lani,
    say whatup to my neighbor at the table,
    then hold both hands out to hb10 from across the table.

    I didn’t know what I was expecting (hands stretched out across the table)
    But I wasn’t expecting what happened.

    she had to have been watching me when I was talking to people

    i just held my hands out, palms up.
    if she were to hug me, it would be awkward from across the table (large table).
    i don't know what i was expecting.
    but she leans over and hugs me awkwardly
    literally LEANING OVER my neighbor she was kissing

    I whisper in her ear, really softly, “shots?”
    She puts both hands on my face-
    And I swear.. kisses me.
    right in front of my neighbor she was kissing.
    hold my ground, remember i get MY CHOICE.
    my set, my choice.

    the kiss was The most solid, one gulp motion, slow, kiss I have ever done in front of 8 people for the first time to kiss THE hottest of the group.
    fuck the hottest of the group, THE HOTTEST OF THE WHOLE CLUB.
    I smile,
    I back turn and motion towards the bar
    Then walk away

    She follows
    good compliance
    She stands next to me

    More makeout
    I make her stop
    She gets pouty
    I tell her "she’s trouble",
    wrong line, she’s not into that. she's giving negative feedback
    She wanted it more direct,
    I’m sharpening my calibration skills as I type.
    she wants to be taken away right now.
    We take shots.

    [keep in mind i'm a broke mother fucker (spend all my cash on dj equipment) i literally had $00.00 in my pocket, these girls are buying all my shots. this is usually how i go out in my town, no money at all.]

    Lani comes over for shots.
    hb10 sits in my lap (i'm sitting on a barstool) and lani stands in spot right next to us.

    locked in. solid
    i text my wingman telling him "i'm locked in, got a girl for you!"

    I decide to really crunch gears
    and slip some superglue into my "locked in" position

    I put my necklace on hb10,
    telling her it's my favorite necklace ever because it means so much to me.
    my sister got it for me when i was sad one day.

    my wingman enters the bar and sees me putting the necklace on hb10, so he comes into the set (3 set, me and 2 girls).
    (i introduced my wing to the game, awesome wing)
    like a good wing, he says "whatup" and then he walks off.
    I yell at him to come back.
    I have already accomplishment introduced him, so he's got value to the girls in the set prior to his entrance.

    hb10, my wing, Lani and i drink more.
    i know it's time to go. but i don't know WHERE we're gonna go.
    but fuck it, my brain is just saying, "EXTRACT EXTRACT"
    so i say, "lets get out of here." -
    not having a clue where we're going.
    my wing realizes i dont' need him and things weren't going too good with him and Lani, so he leaves.

    hb10 and lani grab their friend brandy.
    then the 4 of us go into the allyway behind the bar where brandy's car was parked

    we're all really fuckin drunk because hb10 just spent like $80 on shots for everyone.
    and somehow before we get into brandy's car we all just start making out.
    all 4 of us.

    real classy diablo. haha

    brandy drives us back to hb10's house.
    we're all so drunk we just pass smooth out.
    (hb10 and i in the same bed)

    I wake up and stick my hard dick between her legs,
    no sex tho. not yet. we're too freakin hung over.

    She cooks me breakfast, in her thong and bra (matching pink silk with ribbons.. my fucking god this girl is hot).
    bacon and eggs, mmm.
    guys.. what a warm feeling you get when a 10 is cooking in her silk underwear for you.. wow.

    2 days later (yesterday) hb10 texts me asking me to goto the pool bc it's nice out
    i bring my friend Stacey.. wasn't sure if hb10 was gonna be with a bunch of dudes or what.
    she wasn't, she was with her friend sarah.
    and my friend stacey makes good friends with sarah so hb10 and i can talk

    as i'm about to leave, hb10 asks if i want to come over later and "watch a movie,"

    i get to her house that night (last night).. real chill. sweatpants.
    she's in a little tanktop and SHORT cotton gym shorts. what a fucking ass this chick has on her perfect body holy shit.

    she gets up midmovie and asks if i want a glass of water,
    "yes," i say as i follow her into the kitchen.

    she's messing with the brita filter on her sink
    she can't figure it out.. she's trying to add flavor somehow..
    all the time.. bending over in front of me. wiggling her ass around..
    i'm rock hard. she is SO HOT FROM BEHIND.
    i walk up and hug her from behind.. she feels my hard cock..
    she turns her head around to kiss me..
    i begin pulling her shorts down..
    more silk panties.. i love this chick lol.
    i bend her over the sink and fuck her.
    then put her up on her counter fucking her.
    carry her into her room and blow it all over her ass doggystyle
    as soon as i blow her roomate slams the front door and starts yelling at her.
    i start laughing becuase she has cum all over her and she's screaming, "JUST A SECOND ROOMIE!@!"

    hahah.. glorious night you guys. i had to share

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    haha love it. nice dude

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    so did she cum?

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    Good story but remember HB ratings are based on what the woman thinks she is, not what we think she is.

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    Good story but remember HB ratings are based on what the woman thinks she is, not what we think she is.
    baahahahaha.. rodehard comes in and rains on the parade!
    What. a. jerk!

    i spend all this time writing this up for learning purposes and to help myself calibrate better next time,
    and all you say is this line of dog shit. lol.. thanks rodehard! haha

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    Quote Originally Posted by EmotionFlow View Post
    so did she cum?
    ha haha.. we fucked again last night... so if she didn't cum.. i don't know why the hell she keeps calling me lol

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    Sex With a 10 - (Persistance/Patience)

    gz mate! you succsefully chased a chick and gave her good

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