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Thread: Not looking!

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    Not looking!

    its seem like every woman i know or been knew have said "i don't want a man" or "im not lookin" i seem to respect it and back off a lil but b4 u know it, she either have a man a few days, weeks later or always seem to be caked up wit a specific guy .....
    so im wondering when a woman say that...what does it REALLLLLY mean????
    how to go about gettin a woman who always say that?

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    Not looking!

    have you heard of the term 'shit test' before?

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    Not looking!

    yes i have so whats a good way to counter this and end up wit the girl?

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    Not looking!

    Look her dead in the eyes and say "you don't want a man!" and cut the thread and open a new thread, making her shit test seem like totaly random jibberish that for some reason came out of her mouth.

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    Not looking!

    read the section of whatever book you have on shit-tests. But some general advice:

    Be pragmatic, if backing off a lil and seeming to respect doesn't work then try something else next time, try the opposite, it can only fail as well, but it might work, if doing the opposite fails, ignore it, if ignoring it fails mirror it back at her. Something's going to work, and if you read a few books you'll have some sound pretested advice, which i guess is a good place to start.

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    Not looking!

    Most of the time a Girl says that, that means you are to needy!
    It sounds like ' have a boyfriend''

    HB: I don't want a man
    ME: I just met you yet, why talking about your problems this fast??

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    Not looking!

    You know I hear a lot of women say I am married, engaged, have a BF, I'm getting married tomorrow, not looking etc.. and yet they all turn out to be closeable. For the "not looking for a guy" I always come back with a "I would have never pegged you for gay" or another neg that disqualifies her.

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    Not looking!

    A lot of women say that just to ward off potential suitors. It's a shit test and you need to just brush it off your shoulder. Keep running your material. Even if she has a boyfriend, if your game is tight enough you can get her to cheat.

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    Not looking!

    Try this:

    I would get irritated if I heard that. Then WTF are you doing here and why are we hanging out???

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    Not looking!

    Why they never told me about having a BF ore something like that?

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