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    The obstacle with secret interest in my target

    Hey there!

    I just read the Venusian Arts-book and I decided to join this forum.
    This is my first thread and here it goes..

    My target is a very fantastic girl in my school. We like each other, but we're still hanging on friend zone. She is intelligent and calm personality who likes attention but is not begging for it. The problem is that she has a very close male "friend" and they are spending a lot of time together in school and spare-time.

    I have a read that the male friend is secretly interested in this girl, because he shows this indirectly in many social situations in my point of view (but I think the girl does not realize this). I might be paranoid in some way but I really feel there is something going on between them although they are acting like friends.

    How should I approach this triangle meta-drama? I have received a lot of IOI's from my target and I have micro-calibrated her many times in good lock-in situations. But it is hard to grant her with an IOI, because I don't want to get in the middle of their game and hurt my opponents feelings either.

    We don't spend private time together with the target. I only see her at the school parties or in the club restaurants on weekends. It is hard to tell her about my feelings or ask about hers in such environment.

    Tips are welcome thanks!

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    The obstacle with secret interest in my target

    Quote Originally Posted by Tempus View Post
    because I don't want to get in the middle of their game and hurt my opponents feelings either.
    Is it true that just because this guy has feelings for her, somehow he owns her sexually? Of Course Not! What's his plan? Jump out of a closet one day with a hard-on and yell "I Love You!!" Yeah, that'll work.

    Dismiss any consideration of him from your mind. Pursue her as best you can. That means being forward, risking rejection, escalating; all things he's not man enough to do.

    If he causes you trouble by trying to interfere tell the girl that he told you to back off because he's with her. That'll set them apart. You could also say that he's a different person around her. Some dude did that to me one time and I never recovered with her, .

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    The obstacle with secret interest in my target

    Yeah, I agree. Its not your job to help AFCs score with your target. What a ridiculous concept.
    If there is no ring on her finger shes fair game.
    Even if a girl is hooked up with someone I think its okay to run mild game on them, if their relationship is solid she won't be interested.
    Maybe my morals are twisted but really, its going to happen to you. One day you will have a GF and guys will run their best game on her.
    I don't see any reason to sabotage yourself. There are enough adversaries in the world, don't be your own adversary.

    You deserve the girl if your intentions are good and shes interested.
    Society can get your mind twisted, but really going for a girl you want is a natural thing.

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    The obstacle with secret interest in my target

    Thanks for good answers!

    I really tank this through and it is about time to make some moves. There is a little social risk of being rejected by the girl and his friends, but I think I can live with it. There is always the risk whoever the target was.

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    The obstacle with secret interest in my target

    IME, most girls use a delicate hand to reject a guy and the social repercussions only come up when there's rivals, or someone else has 'claimed' her. I've never seen a girl who was a friend screw up his social life for the attempt.

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