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    PUA or Douchebag?

    This thread is not intended to start any shit. This is a serious question that I pondered about the other day. I have studied the Venusian Arts for some time now and have a pretty good understanding of it. But i still would like to know what separates a good PUA from a Douchebag?



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    PUA or Douchebag?

    IMO, douchebags are reactive, whereas PUAs unreactive.

    Douchebags can often be good with girls because they're very high energy and very loud, reacting to everything in their environment. But if you look deeper, it's insecurity/neediness.

    PUAs know how to be fun and active while having that "ghost" within them. They keep their cool at all times.

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    Yeah, i try to abide by Lovedorps Yin Yang theory, hence for the avatar, but you see some of these PUA's that are all peacocked out and i cant help but think they are douche's.

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    Check this out too, you may find it insightful.

    Peacocking as trying too hard

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    yes,sometimes Peacocking as trying too hard.

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    It really comes down to whether the peacocking is natural, for a peacock peacocking is natural, so you're not likely to go "hey peacock! you're trying too hard!"

    Likewise if it seems natural within the bounds of humanity it's not going to be a problem, but if it seems unnatural you'll likely think the guy is trying, ie. being reactive. There is of course as well as object bias (a problem with him), subject bias, you might not like someone peacocking, and even might think they're a douche because it threatens you in some way,perhaps on the vaulted survival/replication level, or just on a level of personal comfort.

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    Hey Valinn, I randomly just saw your post title cause it looked funny -but then I got to the thread and saw the douchebag photo. I actually know the guy. His name is Ilan and he's actually a really cool ass dude. As you can see from the screenshot of his profile pics on myspace, it's not that he's a douche, its just that he's from Europe with crazy style:

    When you say douchebag, wouldn't you mean something closer to this?

    Anyway, super random that I spotted that.

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    PUA or Douchebag?

    PUA vs Douche Bag?

    That is an easy differentiation!

    A douchebag is an Ed Hardy t-shirt in a club where every other guy is wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt and he walks up to women using cheezy lines he heard on TV. A douchebag is a heterosexual guy who desires to get laid but fears women and also hatesthem because he gets rejected and is confused about howto interact with women. A douchebag climaxes first and then doesn't want to stick around to spend time talking to the girl and grunts a few times before and after. A PUA is a Robert Graham shirt, or a shirt he found is some interesting shop, or even a plain old Brooks Brother shirt, who love women, enjoys being aorund them, and is honest about not being interested in monogamy, but also knows how to talk to women, be entertaining, and knows how to be both Flame and Ghost. A douchebag is neither Flame nor Ghost, but is inept, reactive and clumsy.

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