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    Silent Treatment BackFired

    Summary: There's this girl... She used me like a tool, I got perturbed, and shut her out. But I must have done it wrong. Cause I'm wanting to get back to funny, cocky, joking around with her. And I think she is quieter than ever.

    Long Story: There's this girl... I've been hot for since the first class we had together. Since this is such a small school, we have a class together every semester.

    Last semester we were rolling. We were laughing and joking around everyday, on IM or group project meetings or where ever.

    Well at the end of the semester I felt tooled, like I do the end of every semester. And I usually forget about it over break, and start all over again the next semester. But this time I was pissed. So I shut her out. Over break, nothing.

    Now this is probably where I began to go wrong. When school started, I set IM to be invisible to her. I figured that, if she couldn't see me, she couldn't ask me for anything. But sometimes she would chat to me anyway. And one girl from last semester's group project, we had all become somewhat friends, so I would invite her to go do stuff. But she would invite the girl I was pissed at. And the three of us hung out. And of course the girl I am pissed at and I have a class together, so we talk after class. But deep down, I was still pissed at this girl.

    Now last weekend she had an apartment party. I went cause I wanted to see how she is with her other friends. After the party, she drove me home, and I thought this was a good time to talk. So I told her I was pissed at her. I felt like Shiite afterwards. But a couple days later, I felt relieved and wanting to chat and joke with her.

    But now I feel like she is mad at me, or is giving me the silent treatment. And I am totally missing how we were joking around last semester, and wondering if we are ever going to get back to that.

    Now see, isn't she supposed to have been feeling shut out from me? Wasn't she supposed to try to fix things with me?

    Maybe she didnít figure out I was mad at her. Maybe I didnít let the shut out run long enough.

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    Silent Treatment BackFired

    She didn't feel the "freeze out" with you because she wasn't attracted to you. You say the two of you played around and joked and had fun, but you probably didn't build any sexual tension between the two of you.

    Did you kino?

    Did you qualify?

    You ended up in the dreaded "friend zone". She most likely sees you as a creep now. She's not giving you the "silent treatment", she is simply not talking to you. You could move away and she would not care. You were overly reactional to her actions=beta male.

    You can not be reactional to what she does, it means that she has control over you which=beta male. Try working on your kino escaltion and qualifying the target; those will build the sexual tension you will need to have her attracted to you.

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    Silent Treatment BackFired

    I think she has been qualifying to me. Like last semester, the other girl in the group bought a new jacket. I was just showering her with compliments. The target was like, "my jacket has that too. See." And anytime the obstacle talks, the target would interrupt. Actually, anytime I walk by the target, and she is talking to someone else, she will stop talking to them, and start talking to me. And she won't go back to talking to them.

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    Silent Treatment BackFired

    Sounds like she was interested. You could have rewarded her for her subtle ioi's.

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    Silent Treatment BackFired


    any chances of turing it back around?
    any ideas of how to get back what i threw away?

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