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    Weight Lifting

    I just started a week ago should you work out about 1 hr to 2 hrs say 3 days a week or more. Lift weights every other day, and work out a different muscle each time? or can you do biceps, back, and chest all in one night what's the right way to do the way my biceps are killing me I can't even straighten my arms out lol I know it'll pay off sooner or later

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    Weight Lifting

    First off, I find its important to have a good source to ask fitness questions...

    I have ran 5 marathons and am a command fitness trainer for the USN.

    Pick up this book:

    The biggest take away from it is the basics... learn FROM THAT BOOK how to balance your nutrition w/your work out. Its a balance of time, proper amounts of carbs, fats and protiens.

    I would get blisters on my fingers explaining this to you... so read that book.

    I can tell you that if your sore.. your not eating enough protien and carbs. If you weigh 180lbs, the general rule is to consume 180-220 grams of protein in a 24 hour period, every day of the week (30 of it immediately after hitting the gym). And balance that with 3X the amount of carbs to induce anabolism (muscle growth) in your body and you will recover and grow like a weed..

    I dont care what bull-shit excuse you come up with, if you study nutrition and balance it with (F.I.T.T) training (look it up) you will be healthy as a horse and will start to shape your body the way you want.

    Happy liftin bro, bring sexy back.

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    Weight Lifting

    you can do chest a biceps or back and triceps as a example. one is an indirect muscle growth incentive and one is a direct one. In general you can do alot of things if you split properly. Let that stuff do a personal coach. This also pays off.

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    Weight Lifting

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
    I just started a week ago should you work out about 1 hr to 2 hrs say 3 days a week or more.
    not more that 90 minutes

    Check your other thread you already have some answers in there.
    You're at the beginning so do the basic exercises. An example would be the work out I already gave to you.

    Don't you have some good personal trainers at your gym?

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    Weight Lifting

    Just make sure you give yourself a gap in between days of working out so your muscles get a chance to recover, otherwise you're just breaking them down each time without giving them a chance to grow.

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    Weight Lifting

    Try working out for yourself first. Don't lift every day as your muscles will get tired and not have enough time to regenerate. If you're having trouble loosing your belly fat, theighs, ect, get a personal trainer. I have had one for just 1 week and am already noticing differences.

    As far as nutrition goes, it's really important to eat right. My trainer says your plate should be 70% fruits and veggies, 20% Protein and complex carbohydrates, and 10% fats and sweets.

    This is all my personal take and what my trainer says. There's probably more accredited people out there that know much more than I do (like Havok123). Just keep and open mind and see what works for you.

    In the end, get a personal trainer. They really make the difference!

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    Weight Lifting

    For a beginner lifter, I'd really suggest checking out the Starting Strength program from Mark Rippetoe. The problem that newbies often encounter, nutrition aside, is that most of the workouts you run into are designed to sculpt muscles you don't even have yet.

    Starting strength was designed, iirc, to develop muscle in beginner power lifters, so it mostly focuses on the large olympic lifts like bench press, deads, and squats. Lots of squats.

    I cba to pull up the link, but there's a wiki out there somewhere, just google starting strength and it should be one of the first links.

    I very highly recommend it for anyone looking to build muscle. At the very least, stick with it for a couple weeks, build up a bit of muscle mass, so when you do start doing reverse preacher burn outs or whatever ridiculous program M&F is suggesting this month, you'll actually have some "clay" to sculpt with.

    p.s. Squats and deadlifts are easily, hands down, some of the greatest muscle building lifts you can ever do. Learn them, Love them, and laugh at the guys doing hack squats on the machine.

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