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    Shades in a nightclub?

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    Hahaha! Nice post! I do actually use shades as a prop now and again, they go well with hawaiin shirts, rave look and military theme. in general better suited for fancy dress!! I bought some fake-ass silver aviators with complete mirror from ebay a while back, its quite shiny and looks great!!

    If you have them showing out of your pocket or hooked onto your vest it looks a lot cooler than wearing them. if your in set, girls tend to notice it, you can use it to get group attention and you can give your target something to try on! they love it!! a nice small prop!


    p.s. Ive seen lots of douches wearing them at R&B nights finking thier kanye west or summin.No.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    As Facebook would say "I'm a fan"

    -but I am in California.

    According to the book Body Language, shades on the top of the head produce the same response that dilated pupils produce. They nearly force pupil dilation from the person talking to you, especially in females.

    Works well enough for me -plus it gives me one more prop to work with.

    I actually brought glasses with me -clear lenses no vision correction to a bar the other day. They were a huge hit. Girls kept stealing them from me and using them to flirt. So maybe I am doing something wrong, and should be using them instead, LOL.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    I'll wear them on my head and gets great results. Also, hit up the dollar store pick up a couple styles and then knock the lenses out of them. You just have the frames now and I wear those on my face. Girls come and take them off me all the time.

    In a dark place never wear shades on your face though. You look goofy and can't see a damn thing!

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    Shades are straight. Great prop if you dont want her going anywhere but one thing. Lose the hawian shirt... Pecocking is one thing but, no one should wear one of them unless your over 40 and on the island.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    How do you expect to get to know someone if you cannot see thier eyes? I guess if your "playing" around it would be great, however being "PRESENT" is also known as confidence, which is mostly conveyed through EYE CONTACT.

    If it works for you fine, however, once you learn the power of eye contact, I bet you will sway away from wearing them. Be a man, have the balls to look her in the eyes and seduce her without words.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    it just seems irrational to wear a sunglasses up on your head, in the night, at a club. the best I've been able to come up with when asked why I have them on my head...."to hide from the ugly people. *puts glasses on and smiles*"

    unless you're high profile or trying to hide your eyes, there's no reason for you to have left the glasses on your head for *hours* after the sun has even set.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    I've always worn shades out at night for years and years. I always wear bigger simple shades. Always shades that I can see at night with. Stay away from Oakleys, and those 5 below styles that are curvy and clubbed out looking. Those come off as douchy. Go with aviators and anything large that have lighter lense tones. Think the shades that DeNiro wore in Casino when he's rocking that reddish colored suit, and shades that ol school mafia guys would wear. They project an alpha image that doesn't come off as try hard.

    I always get attention for wearing the shades and I always use the classic mystery line when women come up to me and ask whats up with the shades.

    "Honey, you really don't care about the shades, you're just attracted to me."

    Works everytime.

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    Shades in a nightclub?

    Go here:

    Another older post, i listed several tested answers to, "Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?"
    "Drunk girls spit when they talk."
    -It makes most women mad. Most say, "I don't spit," instead of "I'm not drunk."(To neg)

    "Because your aura is so bright."
    -Those that get it, love it. (To SOI)

    "They make you think I am looking deeply into your eyes when I am staring at your boobs."
    -This one works well. It gets a smile, then I take my glasses off to show I am truly looking at their eyes, and they are looking into mine. (To build comfort)

    "Because i want to."
    -This works well with women who are looking for a very strong man. (To build DHV)
    Zack, I do like this line: "Honey, you really don't care about the shades, you're just attracted to me."

    As for popping the lenses out, I have some OPs and when I popped the lenses out, they look like BCGs.

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    Shades in a nightclub?


    Good responses as well, the key is that many women are so used to guys answering them like an afc that if you hold the frame that you're not explaining but telling it how it is, it goes good.

    You're in the DC area? Me too, in Northern Va...small world.

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