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    FR: Another positive sarge

    Because I've been doing so much tapping I've been feeling a lot less nervous in my sarges but I still get hesitant. I wasn't feeling the nervous sensations in my body but I did feel hesitant, as if someone were pulling on the reins like a wild horse trying to escape. Haha I love anologies! Did some tapping before the sarge and so I guess I was mentally prepared, met my wing and we were catching up, went to a bar and I opened a set. It was just a warm up and all I said to this 2 set was "hey have you been to this new club yet and they were pretty receptive, Turns out one of them was Czech and teh other girl was Slovakian. The girl doing most of the talking was smiling and very receptive,made her and her friend laugh. Should have tried to close her, but it felt good because I didn't feel nervous. My wing came in but I made the mistake of not introducing and ejected out of the set.

    As we were walking down the street I opened a 2 set stood outside smoking, one of them was smoking while the other wasn't. They were stood outside this restaurant so I just asked them if it was a good restaurant to go on a date. Again they were pretty receptive and i used soem cocky funny on them, brought my wing in by saying I was showing him round Oxford and one of them was actually from the same town as him. They were talking at the same time and and I busted on them and said "hey one at a time" They laughed. I think I could have stayed longer but time was getting on and I wanted to take my wing to as many bars as we could.

    Coming back up I encouraged my wing to open a set and unfortunately English wasn't their first lanaguage. I did my best to wing, asked them where they were from and one of them tried to throw me a hoop which I didn't jump through. I need to work on my winging skills to make sure I intro my wing properly and raise his value. They tried to act sillly trying to be funny saying they were from somewhere else when they weren't so I negged them.

    Next bar we are at, plenty of sets and I opened a 3 set at the bar situationally but it didn't quite hook and it was pretty packed, so much so you couldn;t really sit anywhere. I love the fact that the smoking ban has come in because you can open sets outside, a lot easier than moving sets.

    Then we went to this really nice cocktail bar, bit small but very nice. Opened a set again situationally but should have plouged but didn't really matter as they were with some guys anyway. We had to leave because it was getting ridiculously packed so went to another bar, a lot bigger and was watching some AFC guy trying to open a set! he did eveything wrong, classic AFC mistake, he leaned in and didn't sit down. But fair play to him for trying, we all know that its scary approaching complete strangers.

    At the next bar we can't get in because its full and the bouncers tell us to come back in 30 minutes. So we briefly started talking to them asking them if there were any cute women, whats the ratio like, that kind of thing. Its always good to befriend the bouncers and staff to build up social proof.
    There was another bar nearby so we went there, again plenty of sets but I was a little hesitant because I wanted to see who was with who, didn't want to open any sets without knowing what their status was. Anyway I got opened by a 3 set which was a great ego boost to me. I was standing with my wing and I had noticed them sat down, all talking about me and looking.
    Eventually the dominant girl opened me and asked me where I was from.

    HBIndian: "Hi there, me and my friends were wondering where you're from?"
    Me: "Oh is this for a bet"
    The other 2 were, one black girl from Texas and another girl from mauritius.
    HBIndian: "no we're curious"
    Me: "Oh is this your pick up line?"
    HBIndian: "No" smiling
    Me: "well my mum is form Bolivia"
    HBIndian: "and your dad?"
    Me: "he's English, so where are you guys from"
    The Set all tell me their origins and they are leaving so I introduce myself to HBIndian and shake her hand and not let go until she leaves! But if I had played it better I could have number closed. That gave me incredible social proof which I could have used to my advantage.
    Bounced to the last bar, really packed again but great place, my wing opened a set and used a magic trick which impressed the set. Then we left and called it a night.

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    FR: Another positive sarge

    That last interaction sounded really great, Tony. Good to see that you are making progress and keep chipping away - things seem to be coming together for you!

    You probably could/should have number closed her, but don't get dragged down by what you could have done...just remember to 'man up' next time.

    Great stuff, I'm pleased for you.

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    FR: Another positive sarge

    Happy for you dude. Moving up !

    Were you peacocked fot the interaction with the HBIndian ?
    What got them talking about you amongst themselves ?

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    Icepickflip Guest

    FR: Another positive sarge

    good job with your witty response man.

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    FR: Another positive sarge


    Thanks guys! I didn't peacock at all, just my goodlooking self as usual. I am mixed race so I guess that stood out last night more than usual!

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    Icepickflip Guest

    FR: Another positive sarge

    yeah, it could be considered peacocking. If your ethnic background makes you look like people dont know what you are. It will automatically makes them ask you what race you are. some lady just asked me that tonight.

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    FR: Another positive sarge

    Awesome post Tony,

    I've been reading up on Pick-up, mainly mystery method, but also reading some of the suggested texts in 'The Game', I've only really used the method a few times, to some success, but still feel I haven't really started.

    That's just what I was looking for, i'm too concerned that if you don't number close or x close then you've failed, and i've never done that. From your write up that's clearly not the case, sounds like you had fun!

    Cheers Tony, that's really motivated me,


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    FR: Another positive sarge


    Thanks guys, glad I inspired you Ardor, I think it comes to a point where you think yoy only close women you feel real attraction for because you have higher standards. But you should always be closing just for the practice, just make sure you have attraction, comfort and a reason why you'd like to see them again and not just because you want to bang their brains out.

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