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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    OK, I haven't been on here in quite awhile but have been going out more recently and trying to implement some of the techniques I learned here, among other places. Tonight, I went out to watch UFC 108 and attempted to pick up the most popular girl in the bar. It was a step up for me as I usually settle for the more average looking girls and the easier pulls. However, tonight I felt like upping my game although I didn't fare as well as hoped.

    OK, so I'm at a bar that can hold about 280 people in three different rooms. There is a main room with bar, booths and bar seating and two side rooms with table seating and big screen TVs. My buddy first pointed out this girl in the main room before we went into the side room for the fight. I thought she was OK from what I saw while she was sitting down but didn't think she was that special. She very large boobs popping out of her low cut top was about all I figured she had to offer.

    When we got back into one of the side rooms where UFC was being shown, my buddy pointed out that this girl was in there with her friends. Not five minutes after he pointed that out, she asked if the table next to us was taken, which it was not, and her and her friends (3's at best) came and sat "next" to us, but about six feet away. I tried not to pay much attention to the target (maybe a 7 face but an 8.5 body upon closer inspection) as I knew she would be the center of attention. Her and her friends chatted up my buddy almost imediately and I chimed in on something I heard with something to the effect of "Uh oh, you guys are going to be trouble".

    The target then asked me who I thought would win beween Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson and I clarified that she knew that wasn't the fight tonight. She said she did but was wondering what I thought if the fight did take place. I told her it depended on how motivated Rampage was. I tried not to pay too much attention to them and just directed my attention to try and neg the target if I heard something that left an opportunity.

    After about 10-15 minutes, I decided to introduce myself formally to the group (the target, and two friends about 3's or 4's). I inro'd with "I have to ask, what brings three girls out to watch UFC? I don't see that often." I probably made the mistake of addressing the target but figured since she had originally chatted me up it was ok.

    The target said she was totally in to UFC and watches all of the fights and taped TUF 10. I responded with "OK, I was just wondering because I thought it was probably just a way to meet guys for you." The target qualified herself by saying she dosen't need to meet guys and she's just really into sports. She went into how she loves football and the Cowboys (we're in Texas), etc. I asked her if she was planning on coming up for the Cowboys-Eagles game tomorrow and she said she might.

    I was trying to lean away and seem uninterested but I'm not sure I pulled it off. I tried to direct my attention toward the prelims and not be too into the group as other guys were becoming more active in showing an interest.

    Several minutes later we got into talking about favorite sports teams and her favorite baseball players. I told her it was rare to find a girl that liked sports that much. I was likely too complementing at this point. I had asked her what she liked best about MMA (as she had mentioned armbars) and she tried to give examples but really only knew armbar and ground and pound. I was pretty sure at this point her interest in MMA was a front but gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    After her not showing much interest in the ealy fights I called her out. She said she was really just into the main event. I asked her who she had. She asked me what I thoguht (told her Evans) and she said, yeah, I'll take Evans too (we had previously talked about how we didn't like Evans but kind of grew to after TUF 10).

    At this point, six or seven guys were trying to interject in the group when I wasn't and I just tried to play cool and pay no mind. Maybe 30 minutes into this I heard her talkng about taking a shot and she told this guys ( a total tool bag from what I could tell) that he should take a shot with them and she'd buy. After a couple minutes of him trying to talk out of it, I leaned over and said 'lets go get a shot'. She tried to say no but I insisted and she followed me into the main room. The bar was busy and I had six friends out there hanging out so I brought her over and introduced her to everyone. One of the bartenders called me over and asked what I wanted (we are regulars so they both knew me by name) and I got us two Jager bombs and me a beer). After we returned to the main room I paid her no mind and left soon after to go to the bathroom.

    About mid way throuhg the main card I noticed she went up to a guy at a table in the middle of the room on her way out to get a beer and appeared to intorduce herself. When she returned I asked her how it went and if she was trying to hook up. She said no that he had sent her a beer when she was up at the bar and she just wanted to say thanks. I asked if he was cute and suggested she should hook up and she made a kinda disgusted face like no he's not attractive.

    Maybe 30 minutes later and with me talikng to the other three friends I had in ther room to watch UFC, I noticed this guy she had kind of clowned standing next to her talking. I overheard her say "I wouldn't have called you over" blah blah blah and something about his wardrobe "working for him". My buddy, who had left and came back in, asked if I was getting cock blocked and I just shrugged it off and tried not to pay her much attention other than to give her a high five diring the Evans-Silva fight after each round and the fight since Evans won.

    When the fight was over the guy she was talking to and his buddies left. I asked on my way out what her and her friends were going to do and they said stay in the back room. The target asked waht I was going to do and I told her I had like 10 friends in the main room and was going to kick it with them. She said she would be out later to hang out with us.

    Maybe 45 minutes went by and I did not see her or her friends even come out to use the restroom. I decided to go back and tell her it was her turn to buy a shot. When I walked back into the UFC room she was still sitting in the same place but had the guy who had bought her a drink and that she said wasn't good looking sitting next to her. I walked back without aknowledging him and said to the target "ok, its your turn to buy a shot." She said she would but after she was done with her beer (a full 23oz). I said no, let's go now. She mentioned something about being drunk and not being able to drive and one of her friends basically said whatever, you're fine. I insisted again and again she said after her beer. I said ok, whenever you decide your not scared to take abouther shot, come find me.

    Of course she didn't. I did she her and one of her friends walk by to go to the bathroom about 30 minutes later and she waved at me but that was it. Never saw her again for the last hour or so of the night.

    My synopsis is:

    A. I wasn't dressed well enough. I was really casual with a North Carolina pullover jacket on with designer jeans and nice tennis shoes. The other two guys were mildly peacocked and somewhat trendy and different looking from the average guy. B. I didn't DHV and didn't neg enough. She constantly mentioned her big boobs and I just kind of ingnored her. C. She mentioned liking to get naked and run around in her bra and panties and while I was able to lead that conversation a little I didn't really get anywhere with it.

    I think I had her interest to a degree but didn't know how to capitalize. I couldn't ask her to leave and go anywhere else as we were all there for the fights. I didn't want to show too much attention nor take away from my purpose (watching the fights) and surely left some openings.

    I'm sure I didn't include everything ( she did mention me drinking a diet coke amd being one of those boring 'non drinkers' which I stumbled on and basically said I am drinking just not getting ****** up) and I know I made several mistakes. I'm just not sure of what the better course of action should have been. Any feeback and help for a similar situation in the future would be appreciated.

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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    My Synopsis is: You need to read Revelation! Not to be a total dick but its obviously you have no frame of reference on how to properly game.

    I would give advice but there are so many glaring issues in your recap that the best advice I could give you would be to read the book my man...

    2 things I will point out are that you definitely put yourself in the friend zone...

    and your obviously using excuses not to try harder or actually put in more effort.

    You said you left out openings but you didn't want to distract yourself from the fight. If that was the case you would have never written this long field report, so your where using that as an excuses because you did not want to attempt with the chance of being rejected...

    And with the way you approached the situation and the things you said, I can spot a million problems just from what you wrote... so to save me the time of writing them all advice is to read the book!

    If you already have, read it again and start applying it...

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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    I'm not using excuses because of a fear of rejection. I essentially got rejected and I'm actually fairly happy of how I dealt with it (would have ruined my night before).

    I was just torn because I didn't intend to game when I went out (which is why I wasn't dressed well) but I saw an opportunity and "kinda" went for it. There was a time where I woulda just sat there and made excuses for not even trying. So, again, I'm happy I made the effort just unhappy with the result (as I know I should be because I know I made mistakes).

    I just haven't been working my game because I haven't been in great place mentally or emotionally until recently. Like I said, before I would have just looked for an easier pull but this time I tried and just used what I could remember from when I was into this more a year or so ago.

    After reading another FR on here I definitely missed some IOI's early and didn't kino at all. I also did not use any of the NLP I have been learning lately (mostly anchoring and identifying and using patterns). Like I said, I'm working off of stuff I mostly read and talked about over a year ago and just trying to apply it now after working myself up to approach hotter girls. I appreciate the help. : )

    EDIT: What is Revelation and where can I find it? I googled it but all I get is religious stuff...

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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    Go to the main page of this website... It's the Venusian Arts eBook, also pick up the Mystery Method which was a hard cover book sold in stores... you could easily get it on

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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    You can purchase and read more about Revelation here:

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    Approach of hottest girl in bar

    I actually ordered Rules of the Game and an NLP book I had been wanting. Didin't have enough for Mystery Method and Rules or the NLP book after shipping. I know it was only a few bucks but it made a diff. Anything wrong with Rules?

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