I find I can get them to reply to my first message or two as I send out a push pull line and small qualification hoop and they usually qualify to it but I'm not sure where to go form there to get them more engaged.

Most of the routines I use in the field are not applicable as they rely on some sort of pretense to do with their body language or body part- eyes, smile, hands etc. etc.

I'm thinking roleplays would be a good way and I use to use them alot previously with online stuff but I'm rusty and forgot what I did off the top of my head.

Later on I wanna break out the NLP as I'm getting really into it atm and wanna test it in the online arena but I gotta bridge the gap first.

What is a good game I can get them to play to get them engaged? things like the cube are better later I think as I've tried doing them early and it comes off too much entertainment monkey style once I do it they say 'thanks for the info in myself'; same with coldreads.

So I need early fun games like the lying game (but not the lying game cos it's not applicable online). Fun attract stuff to get them engaged so I can get a cpl iois so then I can dive into the NLP.