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    List of non contingent negs..

    I have been playing around with negs recently and I have found early on, when you have very very little compliance with a girl, that negs which are not contingent on a certain circumstance seem to be the best ones. This is because having so little compliance to begin with you need to push first before anything else so that it gives the girl a shot in that arm. So really it has to be ALL iod to make the girl take notice and then you can continue with more pull-push type ones and negs that rely on a certain contingency after.

    The problem I realised was that many of the classic negs are reliant upon the girl first doing a certain thing to make them relevant. For instance: 'go like this..' *rub teeth* 'you have some lipstick on your teeth' Now if a girl is giving full iod bitch mode then she certainly isn't going to be smiling so this neg is rendered redundant until she proceeds to bear her gnashers, which most likely won't happen until you first prod her to do so in some other way first. Same goes for 'your nose wiggles when you talk' obv. if she hasn't said anything then this one is also irrelevant.

    So I am just appealing for a list of non contingent negs that can be said right away regardless of the girl having said or done anything.

    Here is a couple I have found:

    -You blink alot.
    -Hey, I saw a girl wearing this same dress tonight.
    -Go like this *wipe face* you have an eyelash or something there.
    -Your hair looks shiny, is it a wig/real? Oh well it looks nice anyway
    -That’s lovely long hair – are they extensions?
    -I think your hair would look better up/down
    -Nice nails – are they acrylic. Oh, well they look good anyway.
    -Is that your natural hair colour well its not bad So you changed it to that?
    -I think I like your left eye best
    -Your eyeliner has run a bit….go to wipe it off for her
    -How short are you?

    What else?

    So list only those that don't require her to have done anything to be relevant.

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    List of non contingent negs..

    The Lint opener functions like this.


    -I think your hair would look better up/down

    Easie, have you noticied when you've used this that a few minutes later there will be a hair adjustment? I've seen this, and also I've seen the obstacle in a two set adjust their hair as well. I wonder if we could use that...

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    List of non contingent negs..

    As I say I'm only just starting to incorporate negs now.

    I only used that once or twice a while ago. One case the girl looks at me and exclaims 'fuck off'. So that on needed more calibration . That was a couple months ago and I now have a better idea of when/how to say them.

    That is one I had planned to use tonight as it's good and clear. Some like the 'you blink alot', I dunno why, maybe cos of the vowels or consonants (I forget what is what) it isn't as easy for them to take in as something like the hair one.

    I wanna find about three that I like which I will keep for the early period of the approach and will remain a staple of my stack.

    So I'll use that one tonight.

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    List of non contingent negs..

    how about "You know they say only boring people get bored." with the right tonality and what-not might make her try and qualify herself perhaps, waddya think?

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