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    Flakey 10, Next Move?

    Hi all, so here's the scoop.

    For the last couple of months, I have ocassionally walked by a gorgeous 10 walking her dog in the park next to my building, on either the to or from work. I made a joke one time when her dog barked and me, and she laughed. On Tuesday before Thanksgiving I ran into her as I was coming back home from a night that I spent at another girl's house. Turns out she lives in my complex. I was a wreck, but said we should get some drinks next week and she gave me her number. This was Tuesday. I ran into her again on the way home from work.

    That Saturday I called her and left a voicemail because she didn't pick up. Monday after work, still no response. But I run into her again. She said that she was meaning to call me but hadn't gotten to it. We set plans to grab a drink around 8-ish on Wednesday. She said she'd call then. Time rolls by and it's 8:45. Call, don't leave a message. I text back. The next morning on the way to work at like 8:30 I get a text from her saying how she felt like an idiot and left her phone at work and didn't have a way to get a hold of me. A few texts during the day and she says she's free early Friday evening. I have plans, so I suggest Sunday evening, but she isn't sure when she'll be back from the mountains. This was Wednesday.

    Thursday evening I run into her at about 11 p.m. on my way home from watching the Civil War. It's freezing outside, so we talk for a minute. Don't setup any future plans other than next week sometime. So now it's the next Monday, with no attempts to contact her. In the afternoon I sent a text asking what evening would be best (because she does dance class a lot). No response. It's now Wednesday. I feel like calling her tonight, and if she doesn't respond then I'll drop her. It's unfortunate because she's really a legitimate 10 and lives in my building. What do you suggest I, text, wait, be C&F in my message, etc?

    I did see her on Saturday (though she didn't see my, pretty confident) walking her dog and was with this other guy. Who knows if he's a boyfriend or a brother, but it was a little disconcerning seeing as she has been hard to reach. This isn't complete one-itis, I have some other girls in hte mix, but she is by far the hottest and best catch. So I'm looking for a little advice/reassurance. Please help me out fellas.

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    Flakey 10, Next Move?

    Personally I think you're chasing too much and you need to build up your value. I like all the attempts to setup meetings but after 3 times you need to freeze things out for a bit and "reset". If sheh perceived you as being a high value guy she wouldn't blow off so many attempts to get together. If it were me I'd stop calling/texting, because I know I"m going to see her around the building, when I see her around the building is when I stop to chat for a few minutes and build up my value. I'd throw in some kind of mystery (some sort of interesting hobby that you have [or don't have is also fine, fake it til you make it]) and leave her wanting more. Mention something interesting that you're doing but you don't have time to tell her about it because you have to go (end the conversation before she does), but you are free ____ night and could get together with her to tell her about it. If she's in your building invite her over. Invite her over and you two can make dinner together or something.

    I think the key thing to take away from this is the concept of "who is reacting more to who"

    You're reacting to her by asking what night works best for her because you're analzing how you're taking up her time and least thats the impression it's giving off. If you were higher value you'd tell her what night you're free and go from there.

    Anyways hope some of this helps you. Remember that the "self", as in what you believe you are (do you think you're a 7? a 10?) in relation to what she is (a 10) will always come through in the subcommunication. Good luck

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    Flakey 10, Next Move?

    Yeah --- I agree with BBraveheart --- it does not appear you did any standard A2/attraction Mystery Method stuff. It appears you just tried number closing her without even qualifying her -- of course she will flake!

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