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    Sticking point

    So, I learned some great DHV tactics and I've pretty much acquired more than enough openers to where I don't worry about opening sets (though in the past I would have NEVER approached strangers and talked to them) my real sticking point has become a real frustrating one: Transitioning to DHV.
    So, I know the openers and open sets with no issues, and I know enough DHV material to where I can impress, BUT I don't know how to draw the friggin' line from point A to point B.
    The ONLY time, up and till now, when I was able to transition with massive success is when I rocked back and pretended to walk away after the opener then asked a 2-set "How do you two know each other by the way?" and transitioned to the Best Friend Test from Style.
    So, I can transition in 2-sets, but in one-sets, I falter. Any advice?

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    Sticking point

    Have you seen this thread?

    Stacking / Transitioning / Proceeding after the open

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    Sticking point

    I haven't yet. But I most def will!!! I really need to move forward with this.

    Thanks a ton bro!!

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