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    Never having to say your Sorry

    I have come to this conclusion that saying "Sorry" for any reason at all unless a person points it out to you that you hurt them is a major DLV.


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    Never having to say your Sorry

    100% agree, brother.

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    Never having to say your Sorry

    It's not that you apologize, but how you apologize that determines whether it's a DHV or DLV. I've seen people who won't apologize and end up thinking "insecure". Likewise, I've seen cases where people apologize and view it as a tremendously positive characteristic.

    Obviously, apologizing is sometimes a DLV.

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    Never having to say your Sorry

    Apologizing is always a DLV.

    If you have crossed a boundary, you have DLV'd. If you apologize for doing it, your DLV'ing AGAIN.

    The key is to let them know you regret doing an action without having to say it or looking for validation. (some guys will try to act tough and be a dick about it, but this is not what I mean)

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    Never having to say your Sorry

    Why apologise when you can plow?

    As a rule, I would rather plow through, and run more light routines. Change her mood not her mind. And apologising is attacking the problem (you overstepping your boundaries) logicaly. Which not only doesn't work, but also show's you are buying into her frame.

    I have a friend. He is with this chick, cool gilr, pretty fun, me and my wing bust on her ALOT. And we just keep plowing through any akwardness she tries to create for the situation. And everytime we cross our boundaries we stay chill and he follows her off to pout about about it like a puppy dog. Very frustrating, especially cause he's game aware.

    But the piont is, I'm pretty sure his relationship is based on residual atraction from before and is slowly dying out cause he keeps acting like a lame-ass.

    Talk at Me, Peace.

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    Never having to say your Sorry

    You should apologise if you do something wrong.

    1. It shows respect to other people. You can only get respect if you give it.
    2. It is a dhv becauese it shows that you are in tuned to who your dealing with.
    3. You should add be adding value and respect to all of your interactions, not sucking it all up for yourself.
    4. It show that your are aware of a mistake that you made in your interaction. It shows that you are socially intelligent.
    5. You would want people to do it for you.

    PS Apologizing does not mean to turn afc, but you should acknowldege your mistake.

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    Never having to say your Sorry

    Apologies for everything are lame. When appropriate they are golden. Know when to use them.

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