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Thread: Tantric Sex

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    Tantric Sex

    Hey guys ive been pretty interested on the subject the idea of having sex for hours and also experiencing an orgasm like never before seems pretty cool to me. The problem is i dont know where to start on looking for information on this topic. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this stuff or could recemond books or websites with some interesting information. Also if anyone has had any experience with this form please let me know your feedback thanks.

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    Tantric Sex

    Yeah, I have a LOT of experience with this.... and it's one of my favorite topics. ;D

    First off, have you seen Argo's old thread about it? Just to give you some idea of what possibilities it holds (and this is only the tip of the iceberg, really):

    And on this thread I ended up discussing it some as well, on this page:

    PM me about this and I will pass along some more info.

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    Tantric Sex

    Damn i just read your old post and i feel like a fat kid who jussed watched willa wonka... now i want some candy lol. I was wondering what you suggest to get started about learning about this path? I want to be able to make love to a girl like shes never had it before. I want to take myself and my girl to a whole new realm sexually and spirtually.

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    Tantric Sex

    *grin* Best candy in the world....
    And yeah, tantra allows you to do all of that. Like I said, PM me.

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