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    What's your best neg?

    Hey dudes. I have used some negs to bad effect, and I'm learning to use more subtle ones. I recently thought up (hence haven't tested yet) this one:

    "Is that your natural hair colour?"

    either way she answers can be a neg

    yes - "Oh ok, it looks...nice"
    no - "yeah, I thought so"

    and the girl can not really get offended either way without looking like a retard. I like "hair" neg. "real hair?", "look better with shorter/longer hair", etc. You guys field tested/invented any good negs?

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    Nutz Guest

    What's your best neg?

    Nice shirt. I saw a girl over there wearing the same one.

    Or some variation thereof.

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    Nutz Guest

    What's your best neg?

    Another one that I've found works well, even though it's not a neg per se, but a dq is "You're fun. Too bad you're not my type." This works very well once you're locked in.

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    What's your best neg?

    dont neg on physical shit like her hair. neg her on her personality or things she does.

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    What's your best neg?

    "You are one of the most gorgeous women Ive ever met (pause) on the inside"

    I just came up with this today and Ive only field tested it twice, so you might have to do some work with it.

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    What's your best neg?

    Fuck you.

    I barely use that though...too powerful.

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    What's your best neg?

    If they neg me I like to go "Oh you got me high five." Then when they go to high five you pull away at the last second and go "Oh too slow." Nice push pull action. Remember not to use it when she does something good because you want to enforce good behavior with positive things.

    If all else fails. "Don't be picky I wasn't"

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    What's your best neg?

    Nice tits, are they real?

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    What's your best neg?

    Quote Originally Posted by ReallyPatheticFatSlob View Post
    Nice tits, are they real?
    You would get along famously with my sarging buddy

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    What's your best neg?

    nice silicone implants in your chest, are they tits?

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