Authority Needed to Bring Others Toward An Orderly State

Function is specific to form. E.g., the universe’s design functions to govern everything in it. Whenever something achieves proper form, its correct function is realized. A clock’s function is to tell time, but a properly formed clock gives the most accurate time.

This also means that the correct form leads to one specific function. There is no such thing as partially functioning or somewhat functional. There are only degrees of dysfunction, and one final instance of function. Something cannot be considered to be functioning unless its operation is 100% free of error. This means its redundant to say something is functioning properly. If something is truly functioning, its error-free nature is already implied.

To be functional, you require a valid purpose. This purpose will dictate your function. Since you arose from order, are drawn to order and are satisfied by order, your purpose must be intimately related to order. Again, this means authority, the means for creating order, is required to become functional.

Right now, you are a dysfunctional man without a purpose. As you learn to properly apply these universal principles to your life, your dysfunction lessens. This allows you to see and move toward order, both in disposition and position.

Your own state of disorder is directly tied to your degree of dysfunction. To move toward an orderly state, you must become functional.

As you exercise your authority to bring order to your life, you will also move those under your authority toward a more orderly state. Your authority functions to discipline disorderly people, things and situations. If your authority is moving everything in your life toward an orderly conditon, it is functioning properly.

The Relationship Between Function And Value

Everybody has the potential to function properly. All humans possess the capacity to fulfill certain gender-specific functions. But many fail to express this capacity. Thus their inherent value remains unexpressed.

A watch is designed with the capacity to tell time. When it tells time, it is working properly—it is functioning. And when it functions, it becomes valuable. This means that value is found in function.

If, however, the battery runs down, the watch can no longer tell time. It has become dysfunctional. Although it still has the capacity to tell time, until it actually starts working again, it is useless. Thus, it has no value.

Function determines value. Whenever a man functions according to his design, he becomes valuable to everyone.

in the PUA world, guys often talk about being "high value." but what they really mean is "how can i manipulate my PERCEIVED value to its HIGHEST POINT.".. this often refers to bumping up your social value in a club, so women think you're attractive.

but what guys fail to realize is that the HIGHEST value attainable is to be FUNCTIONAL as a man. this means anything less than functional is DYSFUNCTIONAL, hence LESS VALUABLE.

being PERCEIVED as a rockstar may help you win a girl over. but in the long run, it means nothing because just being a rockstar isn't functional. it doesn't meet the need of a woman. it only meets her dysfunctional desire to gain validation from others at all costs.

however, if you are able to meet her validation needs, then being a rockstar becomes irrelevant in both reality and in her mind as well. being functional gives you the highest possible value, which is why i speak of things in terms of function, not value. if things are functional, if people are functional, they are already, by definition, at their HIGHEST point of value possible. practically speaking, this means instead of wondering how to raise your value with others, you should only be concentrating on becoming FUNCTIONAL as a man. this will give you the highest value possible.

of course, this leads to my next subject-- what it takes to be a functional man.