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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    I still have a lot of AA, and a big reason why is that I just don't have enough good stacked attraction material and can't figure out where to go w/it after the open or after the open and a laugh or just fizzles out, unless I go into the interview, which I refuse to do now (I know question-into-statement, but that only takes you so far) Anyway, here's a good example:

    At random party w/friend. Friend stops girl in 2 set moving past us, she's easily hooked. Saw her really cute brunette friend a few feet away and quickly open w/decent, non-pecking body language:

    Me: I throw out my hand "Pick a number, (immediately gets her attn) 1 in 5, don't tell me what it is...3."
    Her: "no."
    Me: "See, that proves that either ESP doesn't work (she laughs), or, women are supposed to have good must not be a women."
    Her: half fake gasps (I mirror/make fun of that), then laughs
    Me: "You look like a...Megan."
    Her: "What? No."
    Me: "See, you don't have good intuition, you're not a woman."
    Her: laughs "Uh! Or you just suck!"
    Me: "(laughing) ok, fair enough" (I know this wasn't a great response but I couldn't think of anything else-maybe shoulda gone into "yes, and"?)

    I didn't really have anything else so I kinda turned back to my friend and other girl and got out my phone to unsuccessfully look for more material. Typically, she pulled out her phone too. After a minute, my friend pulled her in for a second, but I just didn't have anything else. She complained about wanting to go outside w/her friend, and I gave her shit about not being independent, but that was it.

    Later, a total AFC came by and talked to her, and as he left, she actually did step towards me.
    Me: "Watch out for this one, I don't know if she's really a girl."
    Her: smiling "Uh! Shhut up."
    She then turned towards her friend, and they eventually left. As they left, I said it was nice to meet her.

    Just writing this out actually gives me some ideas, but I'm really just struggling w/how to get into DHV & attraction material & kino (and having that material to run) and really get things going. Advice/wisdom is always appreciated.

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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    Bump. Come on guys, somebody has some advice for me.

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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    Ok I'll give you something.

    Relying on material to be an interesting person. Don't do that.
    If you ARE relying on material, why would you come in with only one ESP thread? Stack a million threads in your head.
    Stop limiting yourself to these beliefs like "I need more stacked attraction material before I can become successful."
    That's bullshit man, you'll start being successful when you just let go of all your mental baggage, and start to kick some ass.

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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    Ok so NP would you suggest that to get over this limiting belif and bad habit is to stack alot of material go out and test it and once you learn from that experience what works and dosent is that what develops the in field intuition and a better mentality?

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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    Stacking material, for beginners, YES does give you a better in-field intuition, you will learn much more the longer you're in set. And if you need stacked material to stay in set longer, so be it. The more you are in field, the more comfortable you will get, the better your game will get.
    As far as a "mentality" that's all inner game. And the bottomline with inner game is....if you don't believe in yourself, if you don't love yourself, if you don't realize your potential, and if you don't realize the short amount of time you have on this earth, then you don't deserve it. Time to stop doubting yourself and start kicking ass. If you can't do that, you'll never experience success.

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    College House Party FR: Good open, but just cant get it to go anywhere

    Yea, I guess bottom-line I just need to have more material ready to go, but when it comes to the (semi) attack on canned material, I do believe in myself and I know I have a LOT going for me in life and all that, but I, as many have, have had trouble communicating it in a way that's truly attractive to women. And it's just harder in the moment. Also-the best, and I'm talking the best (Mystery, Discovery, etc) VA's still use tons of canned material, even if it's stuff they've made up.

    My problem, like I said, is not opening or getting conversations going (although.. my conversations are fun but usually kinda AFC, so I kinda avoid those)-I've always been social-it's DHVing, hitting the real attraction switches, and especially getting Kino going that's my problem.

    Still, I appreciate the advice, and I do continue to work on inner game, and while I remind myself to stay positive and optimistic, which I do most of the time, success begets success, so WHEN I start succeeding in that area of my life a little more more, I'm sure it will quickly become a LOT more.

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