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    What I would change about my wings

    SirReal's post relating somethign that happens with women and men caused me to think.

    Rather than "What grinds my gears about wings" I thought it would be better to approach it in a positive manner. That is, provide guidance for change.

    This may take off, or may flop.

    I'll start.

    Wings need to not worry about getting laid. If you are with a quality lead, he will make sure you are taken care of. Relax, enjoy the ride, and help him. He will make sure you get quality women, so long as you help him get his quality women.

    I've had wings who were always busy opening a set when i needed them to run blocker. Yet, they chose women whose friend was butt ugly. Really high quality women do not hang with low quality women often. This is what pushed me into being a lone wolf more often than winging.

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    What I would change about my wings

    So glad you posted this. Yes wings are so important. My bro THe DOn old military buddy and wing is best one. I return the favor.

    Wings need to always put you and your needs above the other. We take turns. Right?? Its a long night and we can DHV eachother and wing for us.

    Everyone should win. Period.

    Dont ever ever side with a girl over your wing. Some times wings do that and it bugs the hell out of me.

    We are high value lets keep it that way.

    Great idea this thread.


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    What I would change about my wings


    Keep your talk to your wing's target to a minimum. Focus on how good your friend is, and "Nice to meet you".

    I had a wing who when I introduced her to him, explaining she is a tourist from Germany, he sought to make a connection by saying, "Ich liebe Dich." which means, "I love you."

    The target felt uncomfortable, thinking he was telling her he was in love with her having just met her, in front of the guy she was making a connection with. I felt uncomfortable because it felt like he was AMOGing me. I blew it off as his lack of experience. I let him know after the night was done that it was not good. We have since straightened things out, but it was bad.

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    What I would change about my wings

    Don't tell me to open a set

    Allow me to open the sets i want. Refrain from asking me if I will open a set. It is kinda like a small lion asking, "Big Lion, areyou gonna kill those gazelles?" loud enoughfor the gazelles to hear.

    Once in a while, wings will want to see me in action.

    I don't do well under pressure. Instead of focussing on the target, I focus on whether my wing will be impressed with my sarge. Although I rarely fail when I sarge to get a girl, I sometimes fail when I am sarging for the sake of my wing.

    Last night, a good friend, and one who is on the side oft he sarging pool, was out with me. He was constantly, "You gonna open that set?" We were in a place that there was more plastic in faces than in the credit card machine. It was a major turn off, but was the site of a recent KC Saturday, with a HB that took my breath away.

    But, tonight, Half the women looked like this:

    Seriously, if these women would step away from the vanity buffet, they could file a class-action lawsuit against the butcher who made them all look like clones of Charlie McCarthy:

    At 11, we went to another spot because the only thing we were attracting were drunken loud-mouthed millionaires...everyone in DC is a millionaire.

    At the new spot, I got him away from asking me to open sets by talkign about PUA Do. I'm working to see him commit to it. Towards the end of the night, I told him to watch and follow in five minutes. I found the set I wanted.

    In two minutes, I had them singing "Kum By Ya" around the fireplace, and in five, he joined us and we had a great time.

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    What I would change about my wings

    Remember to limit tricks to Three

    And, limit it even one. If she asks for another, make her jump through a hoop to get it. make her earn it. Like:

    HB: "That was cool! Do another one!"
    PUA: (Point to cheek) "It'll cost ya."

    If she refuses to kiss you, punish her by starting regular conversation.

    Then, when she offers to kiss your cheek if you do another trick, tell her, "Sorry, the price went up." Point to your lips.

    If you do trick after trick, being the dancing monkey, and I come in to wing, then the target is going to expect me to do tricks. I will naturally refuse to do it for free. This will make your tricks look bad, and she thinks I am a dancing monkey, too.

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