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    Chicks who are Club Junkies, I got a tactic of how to reopen them

    I figured out a tactic to get Club Junkie Chicks

    When I went out all these nights, I bumped into my previous sets several times.

    The sets I ejected with a good vibe were happy to see me again.

    The sets I ejected without a good vibe pretended not to know me.

    Examples of Ejecting with a good vibe:

    Hero stalls so he says: You guys seem pretty cool, its nice to meet you guys. I'm around okay? And you better not {Insert C&F call back humor here} *Smile*

    Hero gets the "me no habla ingles" response: *Pointing at her with a smile like she's been a bad girl*. "No Problemo, Adios"

    I call this the "State Shift Eject". You shift their state about you that you're a fun cool guy before you eject. If you don't do that they're not gonna associate all these good emotions about you when they see you again.

    I noticed that the girls I see in the venues I go to are JUNKIES there. So they are almost the SAME CROWD everytime I go there. So when you stall and you eject them with an awkward silence and leave, when you see them again, they're gonna be that happy to see you. So chances of re-opening are gonna be a bit harder.

    Here is another important realization:

    You State Shift Eject BEFORE YOU HOOK THEM. If you eject AFTER you're hooked and AFTER they like you they're gonna misinterpret you ejecting as a blow-off so they'll PCM. (Or ARD: Anti Rejection Defense). They like you, so if you eject they're gonna think you're blowing them off. So when they think they got blown off, when they see you again they're gonna give you a revenge-blow-off and a revenge-disinterest so that they can save their pride.

    So the purpose of the State Shift Eject is to reopen a venue junkie chick when you see her again. Only State Shift Eject when you stall BEFORE YOU'RE HOOKED not AFTER.

    A State Shift Eject could be a C&F callback humor. Or it might be a routine. I don't have a routine yet. But maybe if we prepare a State Shift Eject Routine just in case we stall would be a good idea. Don't depend on it though, your goal is not to stall. Just have it as a back up plan, and its only necessary to use with Club Junkie Chicks. Actually use it all the time, you'll never know when you'll bump into that chick again. Better yet, she might think its "fate" or some shit

    You guys are welcome to post what you think would be a good State Shift Eject Routine if you want

    Hope this helps


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    Chicks who are Club Junkies, I got a tactic of how to reopen them

    You can also use the State Shift Eject on Hired Guns. Since they're working there and they're not going anywhere when you come back. Eject with a memorable good state to leave her in. So when you come back she'll be happy to see you

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