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    girl alone, not in a set?

    Hi All,

    Im still new to gaming, just finished reading MMethod...

    I had a thought...

    Ofcourse its true hot girls or girls we tend to like usually arent alone, however in some cases, they may very well be alone...then what do you do?

    I mean so far I understand you walk past and approach the group etc, what if youre after a hot girl and she is alone, whether it be daygame or night game



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    girl alone, not in a set?

    Read more of MM, and read some articles on AMOG'S

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    girl alone, not in a set?

    not in set

    A while back i opened this girl not in a set with this opener

    " you look exposed "--thats it. she asked me what i meant and i played it off and just started watching tv at the bar i was at. I explained it wasn't everyday i saw woman sitting by herself and asked her if she was waiting for others. It was at this point that was criticle. She told me she might be meeting up with some friends but she could have said boyfriend or whatever but she didn't. Which means either she wants to continue our convo or she's challenging me. It was to date my best work with the mystery method. You really had to be there to appreciate this. Im not that good or into the game anymore but it was truely magical and helped me appreciate the game much more.

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