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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingsaru View Post
    If you want some glasses as far as a peacocky accessory, get some of those Kanye West-style ones, I've had LOTS of girls comment me about them!!
    Kanye has nice glasses but Beyonce has better glasses.

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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    For me its all about confidence this whole thing about Guys with glasses get no ass is bull shit. Since your starting i would go no glasses, purely because its different from what ppl are usually see you as. Frankly your a handsome kid, so you can go either or. Peacocking for me is makeing an avatar that you think is far from your present self and if your wereing glasses now, lose'em

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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    If you feel "naked" or uncomfortable without your glasses try a better looking model. Like RayBan wayfarer, or just something 70's and oversized. Because I have to be honest with you. The model your using doesnt look good at all.

    Do something about your acne and get a hair cut.

    Example of cool glasses:

    there are alot of models out there that looks great. But on the other hand it depends on whether you have the cash

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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    I wanted to add this too (sorry about the double posting). You are a handsome guy. Most definitely. But its kind of hidden beneath that acne of yours. And you need better grooming when it comes to your haircut.

    I can picture you as this really stylish guy (with glasses! better be wayfarers though ), very well groomed. Nice skin. A tan. Dude you would be a fuck machine!

    When it comes to clothes I think you would work well with Styles's style (rofl) , something like shirts beneath a cool T-chirt of some kind and a blazer over it all. Fuck now im jealous

    But you would do well out in the field if you have your game tight.


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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    I have to agree with ditching the glasses, personally. I've worn glasses and contacts for many years, glasses seem to come in-between you and other people, like you're watching the world through a shield. They're a barrier of sorts. They're also awkward to kiss with, IMO. They're a pain when it rains and when you go from a humid environment into a dry one, or vice versa (hot day outside, to air conditioned building, or cold day to heated building), the fog up on you. They also like to collect gunk, especially in the bridge by your nose.

    However, if your target wears glasses, then maybe bring a pair with you, duck into the men's room, pop out your contacts and put the glasses on and go sarging after her; but otherwise.. I'd say, go contacts.. or even LASIK if you can afford it.

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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    Sincerelee is absolutely correct that glasses are a sign of weakness, but that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't wear them. As Roissy points, the whole reason peacocking works is the Handicap Principle. Glasses (combined with the right attitude) say: "I get girls in spite of my disadvantage." Also, girls love to try on your glasses when they're attracted to you. If you are dealing with a high-value girl, you can refuse on the grounds that her huge head will ruin your glasses (this is one of Mystery's lines).

    On the other hand, I've switched to contacts...

    Also, don't do LASIK. It's awful. LASEK (completely different) isn't so bad, but it takes longer and is more painful. I'll bet it's more expensive too.

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    Glasses vs. No Glasses

    Speaking of needing glasses.. why is the font in this forum so freaking HUGE ? lol

    I didn't see a different theme I could choose, but I'll keep looking.
    (If I shrink text size in my browser, it affects all tabs)

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