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    Hahah I dont think so I have a boyfriend

    Pulled this girl and have been texting her over the past two days she gives me all the nesessary IOIs for me to know she's interested but when I ended up texting her last night with something slightly sexual like "Idk if I can tell you my thoughts they're pretty bad and idk if you're game" something like that she responds back with "Haha I dont think so I have a boyfriend!"

    When I first picked her up she never mentioned him, second I we had semi talked about sexual topics (role playing to about langerie and honeymoon bullshit) before and I framed it to where she could have mentioned him but never did, third she responds really quick to my texts unless busy, fourth when she said she would text me back after her class she did, finally when we started texting each other she started asking me questions like she wanted to know more about me and she acutally invested..

    So Idk if its a shit test or what feedback Please>...

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    Hahah I dont think so I have a boyfriend

    When a girl tells my friend she has a boyfriend the conversation goes as follows.

    Her: I have a boy friend.
    Him: My goldfish died last month.
    Her:[confused look] What?
    Him: I thought we were talking about shit that didn't matter.

    It's bold as hell, but it is vague enough that it doesn't completely say "That isn't going ot stop me from trying" because it could also be taken to mean that he isn't interested. So it creates interest because she isn't positive what he means by it. He says it with a shrug and a smile then continues being cocky and funny.

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    Hahah I dont think so I have a boyfriend

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    Hahah I dont think so I have a boyfriend

    I like the response Thought gave. I go a similar route. I want to make sure she knows I am not the boyfriend type, and I'm not trying to take her away from her current BF (in some silly attempt to make her my property). I let her know in so many words that I am offering her a chance to be my playmate, no strings attached, and she shouldn't put me in the he-wants-to-be-my-boyfriend category. Instead, she can be my friend and enjoy a discreet affair with me, if she chooses.

    So, when she says, "I have a BF," I respond by saying something along the lines of, "good, I don't want to be your BF. I'm not really the dating type. You're already my friend and that's what I want. So you want to come over? "

    You have to understand, I DO mean this. I don't want her to be my GF, but i'd gladly have her be my friend and playmate. So I communicate it. You have to communicate it in subtle, unspoken ways (at least not directly spoken) someimes, because nearly all women will be game for this kind of relationship, but they must be discreet about it so as not to be labeled a slut, or disrupt the relationship they have with their provider type AFC BFs, or openly go against what Johnny Soporno likes to call the female cartel.

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