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    Help...I froze every single time

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    Help...I froze every single time

    Well, I you believe they gave you IOI's aka AI then just go to them and say: "Hi" and you may use direct opener or just make a funny observation about her or her behaviour or smth. When your comfotable then ur mind has a lot more computing power to come up with topics.. have to get ur inner game fixed..

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    Help...I froze every single time

    Tonio, no one can help you.

    If you cannot overcome the fear of rejection with the desire to be with women, all advice given to you is wasted.

    Buy the book set, "Rules to the Game" by Neil Strauss. It is twop books packaged as one. One is a story/diary of Neil/Style. The other is a 30 day step by step learning to approach and get the girl.

    The first step, after self-evaluation, is to look three people in the eyes and identify the color. To overcome the fear of rejection, you identify that nothing is achieved until Day 30.

    Then, you chronicle your progress to becoming a PUA.

    Mystery offers an 4 sets per hour, 4 hours per day, for 30 days. After 500 approaches, You will overcome AA.

    I recommend you try Mystery's massive openings first. If you can't get yourself to do that, do Style's Rules.

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